sVo Showdown 188
Live on the HOTv Network
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
30th June 2024

[Camera pans over the excited crowd, signs waving, as the opening pyrotechnics explode.]

Julian Fiasco: “Welcome to sVo Showdown 188, live from the legendary Goodfellas Casino Arena in Las Vegas! I’m Julian Fiasco, alongside my partner, Jeremiah Sloan.”

Jeremiah Sloan: “And what a night we have in store, Julian! The main event will see Johnny Dorn looking for revenge against the destructive masked monster, Nightmare!”

Julian Fiasco: “That’s right, Jeremiah. Nightmare has been tearing through the roster trying to get to his brother Night, but Johnny Dorn is determined to stop him tonight.”

Jeremiah Sloan: “And if that wasn’t enough, we’re kicking off the International Tag Team Championship tournament tonight! Jon Page made the huge announcement last night at P:V Dance of the Damned, and the competition is going to be fierce.”

Julian Fiasco: “Teams from all over the world are going to compete, and you can bet the stakes are high. Who will rise to the top and claim the gold?”

Jeremiah Sloan: “We’ll find out soon enough, Julian. So sit back and enjoy, because Showdown 188 is about to get underway!”

[Camera cuts to the ring, ready for the first match of the night.]

International Tag Team Championship Eliminator Match
Patriot Act vs. The Dogs of War

A New Era

[The arena buzzes with energy as the sVo crowd roars its approval. Nate McKenzie and Jack O’Connor of the Dogs of War stand tall in the ring, their arms raised in victory. On the outside, their manager James Shepherd, dressed sharply in a suit, applauds their performance. The fallen Patriot Act, Lance Abbott and Travis Armstrong, retreat dejectedly up the ramp as the referee raises the hands of McKenzie and O’Connor.]

Julian Fiasco: Ladies and gentlemen, what a way to kick off tonight’s action! The Dogs of War have emerged victorious, progressing in their pursuit to become the first-ever International Tag Team Champions here in the sVo!

Jeremiah Sloan: Indeed, Julian. Nate McKenzie and Jack O’Connor showcasing their dominance tonight.

[James Shepherd climbs into the ring, a confident smile on his face as he gestures for a microphone. He brings it to his lips, his voice booming across the arena, commanding attention.]

James Shepherd: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight marks the beginning of a new era! The Dogs of War have proven once again why they are the future of tag team wrestling in the sVo. And mark my words, they will not just win those International Tag Team Championships, but they will do so in dominant fashion!

[The crowd responds with a mix of cheers and jeers, split in their reaction to the confident proclamation from Shepherd.]

James Shepherd: So, to the rest of the tag team division, especially to Rick Reid and anyone foolish enough to stand in our way—be warned! The Dogs of War are coming, and we will run through anyone and everyone who dares to challenge us!

[Shepherd hands the microphone back to McKenzie and O’Connor, who nod approvingly. They raise their fists in defiance, staring intently at the camera, signaling their intent to dominate the sVo tag team division. The camera fades out as the crowd’s anticipation builds for the next match.]

Joining the Family

[The camera fades into the dimly lit locker room of Blood Money, adorned with lavish mafia-inspired décor. Anthony Moretti, flanked by Joe Barone, Junior Gambino, and Nicky Columbo, sits at the head of a table, reviewing documents under the soft glow of a desk lamp. The tension in the room is palpable as Danny Domino enters, his gaze determined yet wary.]

Danny Domino: (Addressing Moretti) Boss, I took care of All Star last week just like you asked. You think I’ve proven myself now?

[Moretti looks up from his paperwork, his piercing eyes studying Domino intently before he leans back in his chair, a faint smirk playing on his lips.]

Anthony Moretti: You did good, kid. Real good. But we got a few more asks before we welcome you into the family proper.

[Domino’s expression tightens slightly, his anticipation evident as he nods in understanding.]

Danny Domino: Whatever it takes, boss. Just point me in the right direction.

[Junior Gambino leans forward, a calculating look in his eyes as he speaks up, his tone measured yet assertive.]

Junior Gambino: Tonight, you got a shot at making a real impression, kid. Jay Adder of Generation Joint. Take him out, and maybe we’ll talk about your place in the crew.

[Domino nods again, a determined glint in his eyes as he clenches his fists, mentally preparing for the task ahead.]

Danny Domino: Consider it done.

[Moretti rises from his seat, placing a reassuring hand on Domino’s shoulder as he speaks with authority.]

Anthony Moretti: Make it happen, Danny. We’ll be watching.

[As Domino nods once more and exits the room, the camera focuses on Moretti’s face, a contemplative expression crossing his features as he exchanges a knowing glance with Barone, Gambino, and Columbo. The scene fades out, leaving an aura of anticipation for the impending clash between Danny Domino and Jay Adder.]

All in Hand

The camera opens in the sleek, modern office of sVo COO Amy Page. The walls are lined with championship belts and framed posters of past sVo events. Amy sits confidently behind her polished mahogany desk, papers neatly organized, and a sharp look in her eyes. Rick Reid enters, his expression a mix of determination and defiance.

Amy Page: (leaning back in her chair) Rick, have you found a partner for your match against the Dogs of War at Roll the Dice yet?

Rick smirks, crossing his arms, exuding confidence.

Rick Reid: (smirking) Don’t worry, Amy. I’ve got something up my sleeve that will shock the Dogs of War.

Amy raises an eyebrow, intrigued but cautious.

Amy Page: Care to share?

Rick leans in slightly, his tone dripping with mystery.

Rick Reid: Let’s just say they won’t see it coming.

He turns, swaggering towards the door, his confidence palpable. Amy watches him, her curiosity piqued, a slight smirk playing on her lips as the camera fades out.

Single Match
Danny Domino vs. Jay Adder

Ready for Gold

[Katie Smith stands ready with her microphone, waiting as Money Malone and Frankie Malone, known collectively as the Malones, approach with a determined look on their faces. The backdrop is adorned with posters of upcoming sVo events, adding an air of excitement to the atmosphere.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Money Malone and Frankie Malone, the Malones! Tonight, you’re set to face off against Nicky Columbo and Junior Gambino of Blood Money Soldiers with a chance to advance in the International Tag Team Championship tournament. How are you feeling heading into this match?

[Money Malone steps forward, his confidence evident as he adjusts his wrist tape, while Frankie Malone crosses his arms, ready to speak next.]

Money Malone: Katie, tonight is our chance to show everyone what the Malones are made of. We’ve been training hard, studying our opponents, and we’re more than ready to take on Blood Money Soldiers. Columbo and Gambino think they’re tough, but tonight, they’re stepping into the ring with the most dangerous cousins in the sVo!

[Frankie Malone nods in agreement, his eyes narrowing with focus as he adds his thoughts.]

Frankie Malone: Blood Money Soldiers might have their connections and their reputation, but they’ve never faced the Malones with this much on the line. We’re not just here to win, Katie. We’re here to prove that we deserve to be in the spotlight, fighting for those International Tag Team Championship belts!

[Katie Smith nods, acknowledging their determination, before posing the final question.]

Katie Smith: There’s been a lot of anticipation building up to this match. Any final words for your opponents tonight?

[Money Malone grins confidently, while Frankie Malone’s expression hardens with resolve.]

Money Malone: Columbo, Gambino, tonight we’re coming for you. Get ready to feel the wrath of the Malones!

[Frankie Malone nods firmly, echoing his cousin’s sentiment.]

Frankie Malone: Blood Money Soldiers, you better bring everything you’ve got. Because when the Malones step into that ring, there’s no turning back.

[With that, the Malones exchange a quick nod between them before heading off towards the arena, their focus unwavering as they prepare to face their longtime rivals. Katie Smith watches them go, the anticipation for tonight’s match palpable in the air as the scene fades out.]

First Man In

[The camera opens to reveal the bustling backstage area of the sVo, with several crew members and wrestlers moving about. In a quiet corner, COO Amy Page is seated behind her desk, reviewing some paperwork. Suddenly, the door creaks open, and Victor Holland steps inside, looking determined and focused.]

Amy Page: [Looking up and smiling warmly] Victor, come on in. What can I do for you today?

[Victor Holland approaches her desk confidently, his eyes fixed on Amy Page as he gets straight to the point.]

Victor Holland: Amy, I’ve been thinking. I’ve been working hard, and I believe I’m ready for a shot at the Las Vegas Championship. Anthony Moretti’s been holding onto that title for a while now, and I want to prove myself in the ring against him.

[Amy Page listens attentively, nodding as she considers his request.]

Amy Page: I appreciate your ambition, Victor. In fact, I was just finalizing plans for the Roll the Dice PPV. How about this – at the PPV in two weeks, we’ll have a match to determine who will get the next shot at the Las Vegas Championship. And you, Victor, will be the first person to be entered into that match.

[Victor Holland’s face lights up with excitement and determination, clearly pleased with Amy Page’s decision.]

Victor Holland: That’s great news, Amy! You won’t regret giving me this opportunity. I’ll show everyone why I deserve to be in that championship match.

[Amy Page smiles, impressed by Victor Holland’s enthusiasm and confidence. She extends her hand across the desk, which Victor Holland shakes firmly.]

Amy Page: I have no doubt about that, Victor. Keep up the hard work, and let’s make sure Roll the Dice is a night to remember.

[Victor Holland nods gratefully, then turns to leave Amy Page’s office, his mind already focused on the upcoming challenge. Amy Page watches him go with a sense of anticipation, knowing that the Las Vegas Championship picture is about to become even more exciting. The camera fades out as she resumes her work, preparing for the next segment of the sVo Showdown.]

International Tag Team Championship Eliminator Match
Blood Money Soldiers vs. The Malones


[The camera transitions to the backstage interview area where Katie Smith stands holding a microphone, ready to interview Alex Sterling. Moments later, Alex Sterling, known as ‘the LA Luminary’, strides into view, exuding confidence and charisma.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the ‘LA Luminary’ Alex Sterling!

[The crowd’s cheers filter in from the arena as Alex Sterling adjusts his jacket and flashes a charming smile at Katie Smith.]

Katie Smith: Alex, tonight you’re set to face Kenneth D Williams of Generation Joint. How are you feeling about this match?

Alex Sterling: Well, Katie, let me tell you, tonight’s match with Kenneth D Williams is going to be nothing short of cinematic. As they say in the classics, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Williams, he’s got his crew, his posse, but tonight, it’s just him and me in the spotlight. And let me assure you, Katie, “I’m the king of the world!”

[Katie chuckles at the Hollywood references, nodding along as Alex continues with his trademark confidence.]

Katie Smith: Some might say you’re outnumbered against Generation Joint. How do you plan to handle that?

Alex Sterling: Katie, in this business, it’s not about the numbers; it’s about the story we tell in that ring. Williams and his crew may have their plot twists, but I’ve got the leading role, and tonight, it’s “showtime!”

[The crowd cheers in anticipation of the upcoming match, enthralled by Alex Sterling’s theatrical demeanor.]

Katie Smith: Finally, Alex, any last words for Kenneth D Williams before your match?

Alex Sterling: Williams, my friend, “fasten your seatbelt. It’s going to be a bumpy night.” And remember, in this business, “nobody puts Baby in a corner.” Tonight, I’m taking center stage, and it’s going to be “lights, camera, action!”

[With a wink and a wave to the camera, Alex Sterling turns and walks off confidently, leaving Katie Smith to wrap up the interview.]

Katie Smith: There you have it, folks! Alex Sterling is ready to bring his Hollywood flair to the ring against Kenneth D Williams tonight on Showdown!

[The camera fades out as the crowd buzzes with excitement for the upcoming match, eager to see how the ‘LA Luminary’ will fare against Generation Joint’s leader.]

One More Tasks

[The camera peers through the slightly ajar door of the Blood Money locker room, capturing the scene inside. Anthony Moretti, flanked by Joe Barone, Junior Gambino, and Nicky Columbo, stands at the center of the room with a contemplative expression. Danny Domino enters, his victory over Jay Adder still visible on his face, as he closes the door behind him.]

Anthony Moretti: Danny, you did good out there tonight. You showed us what you’re capable of.

[Danny Domino nods, a mixture of pride and anticipation evident in his demeanor.]

Danny Domino: Thanks, boss. I took care of business, just like you wanted.

Anthony Moretti: Indeed you did. But, there’s one more task I need you to handle before we proceed.

[Moretti’s tone shifts subtly, conveying a sense of seriousness that causes Domino to straighten up attentively.]

Danny Domino: What’s the job, boss?

Anthony Moretti: (gesturing towards a private corner) Close the door, Danny.

[Danny Domino hesitates for a moment, then walks over to the door and shuts it firmly, blocking the camera’s view from outside. The muffled sounds of their conversation can be faintly heard as the camera remains fixed on the closed door, hinting at the intense discussions unfolding inside the Blood Money locker room.]

Anthony Moretti: (muffled voice) This next task will prove your loyalty. Are you ready?

Danny Domino: (muffled response) Yes, boss. I’m ready for whatever you need.

[The camera lingers on the closed door, capturing the tension and intrigue surrounding the clandestine dealings within Blood Money. Outside, the cameraman and viewers are left to speculate on the nature of Anthony Moretti’s final task for Danny Domino, hinting at deeper machinations and alliances within the faction.]

Single Match
Kenneth D Williams vs. Alex Sterling

A Desperate Man

[Katie Smith stands ready with her microphone in hand, waiting outside Johnny All Star’s locker room. After a moment, the door opens and Johnny All Star steps out, his expression weary and contemplative.]

Katie Smith: Johnny, tough loss out there last week against Danny Domino. With your career on the line at Roll the Dice against your half-brother Anthony Moretti for the sVo Championship, do you regret putting it all on the line considering your recent string of defeats?

[Johnny All Star looks down for a moment, visibly conflicted. He runs a hand through his hair before meeting Katie’s gaze with determination in his eyes.]

Johnny All Star: Regret? Katie, I’ve poured everything I have into this business. Every win, every loss, every sacrifice—it’s all led me to this moment. I put my career on the line because I believe in one more shot, one last chance to prove myself against the best. Anthony… he’s family, but this isn’t just about blood ties anymore. It’s about legacy, about my place in this ring.

[His voice grows more impassioned as he speaks, the weight of his decisions evident in every word.]

Johnny All Star: Two losses won’t define me. I’ve fought through adversity my whole career. I know what’s at stake, Katie. And I’ll do whatever it takes to hold onto my career and grasp that sVo Championship one last time. Regret? No. I’m ready to fight like never before.

[With a determined nod, Johnny All Star walks away down the corridor, leaving Katie Smith to ponder his words. The camera fades out on his resolute figure, highlighting the intensity of his resolve amidst the uncertainties of his future in the sVo.]

Single Match
Carlos Vasquez vs. Bronson Johnson


[The arena buzzes with anticipation after a surprising turn of events. Carlos Vasquez, known as the Miami Maverick, has just suffered a shocking loss to Bronson Johnson. Vasquez, visibly seething with anger, immediately pounces on Johnson after the bell rings. He delivers a barrage of furious punches and kicks, not allowing Johnson a moment to recover.]

Carlos Vasquez: You think you can embarrass me like that? Huh? You think you can disrespect the Miami Maverick? I’ll show you! I’ll show all of you!

[Vasquez grabs a microphone from ringside, his voice echoing with intensity throughout the arena as he continues to lay into Johnson with ruthless aggression.]

Carlos Vasquez: This ain’t over! You hear me, Johnson? You just made the biggest mistake of your life! The Miami Maverick ain’t going down like some chump! I built the sVo, I built my empire, and I will tear down anyone who stands in my way!

[The crowd reacts with a mix of boos and shocked murmurs, sensing the intensity of Vasquez’s rage. He towers over Johnson, emphasizing his dominance with every word.]

Carlos Vasquez: This ring is mine! This whole damn show is mine! You want to step up? You want to test the Miami Maverick? I’ll crush you all! Just try and stop me!

[Vasquez drops the microphone, his eyes burning with defiance as he exits the ring, leaving Bronson Johnson sprawled and battered in the center. The camera follows Vasquez up the ramp, capturing the fiery determination etched on his face as he disappears backstage, leaving a stunned audience in his wake.]

Good Luck

[Katie Smith stands poised with her microphone, ready to interview Johnny Dorn ahead of his anticipated main event match against Nightmare. The backstage area is bustling with activity, but Smith’s focus remains on Dorn as he approaches for the interview.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Johnny Dorn, who’s moments away from facing Nightmare in tonight’s main event. Johnny, you’ve faced Nightmare before and endured his relentless attacks. How are you preparing mentally and physically for tonight?

[Johnny Dorn adjusts his gear, his expression serious yet determined.]

Johnny Dorn: Katie, Nightmare is a force to be reckoned with, no doubt. But tonight, I’m stepping into that ring with one goal in mind – to show him and everyone watching that I’m not backing down. I’ve studied his tactics, I’ve felt his wrath, and tonight, I’m ready to take him on headfirst.

[As Dorn speaks, the tension in the air is palpable, reflecting the gravity of the impending showdown. Just then, Victor Holland, the young fan favorite, approaches with a supportive grin.]

Victor Holland: Hey, Johnny. You’ve got this. Nightmare may have laid us both out last week, but tonight is your night. Give him hell out there!

[Dorn nods appreciatively, exchanging a fist bump with Holland before turning back to Smith.]

Johnny Dorn: Thanks, Vic. Tonight, I’m not just fighting for myself. I’m fighting for everyone Nightmare has targeted. And after tonight, maybe he’ll realize that his brother Night won’t be coming out to play his games.

[With determination etched on his face, Dorn gives one last nod to Smith and Holland before heading towards the arena for his match, leaving behind an air of anticipation and resolve.]

Katie Smith: You heard it here, folks. Johnny Dorn is ready to take on Nightmare in what promises to be an explosive main event. Back to you!

[The camera fades out as Dorn’s figure recedes down the hallway, focused and resolute in his mission to confront Nightmare once again.]

Single Match
Nightmare vs. Johnny Dorn


[The arena is buzzing with anticipation after an intense match between Nightmare and Johnny Dorn, which has just concluded with Nightmare emerging victorious. Nightmare stands tall in the ring, his menacing presence amplified by the dim lighting and eerie atmosphere. Johnny Dorn lies motionless in the center of the ring, clearly exhausted and beaten.]

Julian Fiasco: (Commentary) Nightmare has shown once again why he’s a force to be feared in the sVo, Jeremiah. Look at the devastation he’s caused tonight.

Jeremiah Sloan: (Commentary) Absolutely, Julian. Nightmare’s rampage through the roster continues, and tonight, Johnny Dorn has felt the full force of his brutality.

[Nightmare, still seething with rage, refuses to end his assault on Johnny Dorn. He pulls Dorn up by his hair and delivers another punishing blow, causing the fans in the arena to boo loudly in disapproval. Suddenly, Victor Holland’s music hits, and the crowd erupts with cheers as Holland charges down the ramp, determined to help his fallen friend.]

Julian Fiasco: (Commentary) Here comes Victor Holland! He’s not going to stand idly by while Nightmare continues this onslaught.

Jeremiah Sloan: (Commentary) Holland showing tremendous heart here, Julian. But can even he stop Nightmare’s rampage?

[Holland slides into the ring and immediately goes after Nightmare, trying to pull him off Dorn. However, Nightmare proves too powerful, fighting off Holland and delivering a devastating kick to Holland’s midsection. The fans’ cheers turn to gasps of concern as Nightmare stands tall, seemingly unstoppable.]

Julian Fiasco: (Commentary) Nightmare is a one-man wrecking crew tonight. This is just brutal to watch.

Jeremiah Sloan: (Commentary) It’s chaos in the ring right now, Julian. Nightmare is out for blood, and neither Dorn nor Holland can seem to stop him.

[As Nightmare stands over Dorn and Holland, shouting in Japanese with fury evident in his eyes, the tension in the arena reaches its peak. Suddenly, the lights dim, and a hush falls over the crowd. At the top of the entrance ramp, Night emerges, his presence commanding and intense.]

Julian Fiasco: (Commentary) Oh my! Could it be? Night is here! The brothers finally face off!

Jeremiah Sloan: (Commentary) This is a moment we’ve been waiting for, Julian. Night versus Nightmare, the confrontation we’ve all anticipated.

[Night and Nightmare lock eyes from across the arena, the intensity between them palpable. The fans are on their feet, torn between anticipation and uncertainty. Night slowly makes his way down the ramp, his gaze never leaving Nightmare, who remains defiant in the ring.]

[The show ends with Night and Nightmare standing face to face in the ring, the atmosphere electric with anticipation for the inevitable clash between these two powerful forces. The camera pans out as the tension between the brothers intensifies, leaving the sVo universe eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this gripping saga.]

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