sVo Proving Grounds 41
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
28th June 2024

[The anticipation reaches its peak as the video package concludes, highlighting the ‘Proving Grounds’ logo. The scene transitions to an exterior shot of the iconic Goodfellas Casino Arena, nestled in the vibrant heart of the Las Vegas strip. The camera then seamlessly shifts to a live view inside the arena, capturing the electric atmosphere. The sold-out crowd is a sea of energy, with fans passionately on their feet, screaming and waving homemade signs in hopes of catching a glimpse on camera.

The camera skillfully maneuvers through the enthusiastic audience, showcasing the diverse array of signs and the palpable excitement that permeates the arena. Finally, attention shifts to the commentary table, where the dynamic duo of Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan eagerly await the start of the action. Their welcoming smiles reflect the enthusiasm of the night ahead.

With the fans as their backdrop, Julian and Jeremiah extend a warm greeting to the viewers tuned in to the HOTv network. The broadcast kicks off with the seasoned commentators breaking down the anticipated matches and moments slated for tonight’s show. The stage is set, and the Goodfellas Casino Arena is primed for an unforgettable evening of sVo Proving Grounds!]

Single Match
Dylan MacLeod vs. Jupiter James

On Your Own Pt.1

[The sVo Proving Grounds 41 arena is buzzing with activity as the camera cuts to a disappointed Dylan Macleod making his way backstage after his tough loss to Jupiter James in the opening match of the night.]

[Dylan, visibly dejected, runs a hand through his hair in frustration as he walks. Suddenly, he turns a corner and comes face-to-face with the Canadian Connection: Jake Hughes, Scott Cole, and their manager Ali Young. The trio, who are preparing for their upcoming match, immediately notice Macleod and smirk.]

Ali Young: “Well, well, well, look who it is. Another night, another loss, huh, Dylan?”

Jake Hughes: “You know, kid, it’s almost getting painful to watch. You just keep stacking up those L’s.”

[Scott Cole steps forward, his arms crossed, looking Macleod up and down with a mocking grin.]

Scott Cole: “It’s pretty clear you made the wrong choice, Macleod. We gave you a chance to join us, to actually be part of a winning team. But no, you wanted to go it alone. How’s that working out for you?”

[Dylan Macleod’s jaw tightens, but he remains silent, his frustration evident. Ali Young steps closer, her tone condescending.]

Ali Young: “You could have had backup, Dylan. We could have made sure you didn’t end up on your back every week. But now look at you. Just another rookie learning the hard way.”

[The Canadian Connection laugh among themselves, clearly enjoying Macleod’s discomfort. Dylan, his fists clenched, takes a deep breath, trying to keep his composure.]

Dylan Macleod: “You know what? Maybe I did make a mistake. But I’m not giving up. I’ll keep fighting, and I’ll do it on my own terms.”

[Jake Hughes and Scott Cole exchange a glance, their smirks widening.]

Jake Hughes: “Yeah, sure. Keep telling yourself that, kid. We’ll be out there showing you how it’s done, as usual.”

[With that, the Canadian Connection walk off, heading toward the entrance for their match, leaving Dylan Macleod standing alone in the hallway, determination and frustration etched on his face. The camera lingers on him for a moment before cutting back to ringside.]

Tag Team Match
Canadian Connection vs. The Southern Boys

Under my Wing Pt.1

[The camera cuts to a scene inside the sVo locker room. The room is bustling with activity, but the focus is on a quiet conversation between veteran CJ Dreamer and rookie Ricky Johnson, who is sitting on a bench, looking a bit downcast.]

CJ Dreamer: “Hey, Ricky, listen up.”

[Dreamer places a reassuring hand on Ricky Johnson’s shoulder, making sure he has the young wrestler’s full attention.]

CJ Dreamer: “I know Jupiter James has been running her mouth lately, but don’t let that get to you. You’re on the right path, kid. You’ve got talent, heart, and the drive to make it to the top.”

[Ricky Johnson looks up, the encouragement slowly lifting his spirits.]

Ricky Johnson: “Thanks, CJ. It’s just been tough, you know? She really got to me last week.”

CJ Dreamer: “I get it, I do. But trust me, everyone faces these moments. It’s how you handle them that counts. And sticking with me, you’ll get the guidance you need. We’ll make sure you rise above all this.”

[Dreamer pulls up a chair and sits across from Johnson, leaning in closer to emphasize his point.]

CJ Dreamer: “I’ve been in this business a long time, seen a lot of guys come and go. You’ve got something special, Ricky. So stick with me, and I’ll help you navigate through the tough times. Together, we’ll make sure you make it to the top of the sVo.”

[Ricky’s face brightens, a newfound confidence starting to show.]

Ricky Johnson: “I appreciate that, CJ. I won’t let you down.”

CJ Dreamer: “I know you won’t. And to show you I mean business, I went ahead and arranged for us to team up in the main event tonight. We’ll be taking on the Sin City Scoundrels.”

[Ricky’s eyes widen in surprise, then excitement.]

Ricky Johnson: “A tag match? With you? Against the Scoundrels?”

CJ Dreamer: “That’s right. It’s a big opportunity for you to show everyone what you’re made of. And don’t worry, I’ve got your back out there. We’ll show those guys what we’re all about.”

[Ricky Johnson stands up, a determined look on his face.]

Ricky Johnson: “Let’s do this, CJ. I’m ready.”

[CJ Dreamer smiles, giving Ricky a firm handshake and a pat on the back.]

CJ Dreamer: “That’s the spirit. Let’s go out there and make a statement.”

[The camera fades out on the image of CJ Dreamer and Ricky Johnson walking out of the locker room together, ready to take on their opponents in the main event.]

Single Match
Jake Blackwood vs. Dallas Jordan

On Your Own Pt.2

[The camera pans into the Canadian Connection’s locker room. Jake Hughes and Scott Cole are seated on a bench, still sweating and pumped from their impressive tag team victory over the Southern Boys earlier in the night. Ali Young stands before them, a proud yet contemplative expression on her face.]

Ali Young: “Alright, guys, that was one hell of a match. We showed everyone exactly why we’re the dominant force in this division.”

[Jake Hughes and Scott Cole exchange nods, clearly pleased with their performance.]

Jake Hughes: “No doubt about it, Ali. We took care of business tonight.”

Scott Cole: “The Southern Boys never knew what hit them. Classic Canadian Connection.”

[Ali Young raises a hand, signaling them to focus.]

Ali Young: “But let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Dylan Macleod. After weeks of rejecting our offer, he decides to interfere and help us out tonight. What do you guys think about that?”

[Jake Hughes and Scott Cole exchange glances, both looking curious and a bit skeptical.]

Jake Hughes: “It was surprising, to say the least. After all his refusals, I didn’t expect him to step up like that.”

Scott Cole: “Yeah, but the question is, why now? What’s his angle?”

[Ali Young crosses her arms, her expression turning stern.]

Ali Young: “Dylan might have finally seen the light, but let’s not forget he’s been turning his back on us for weeks. Tonight was a start, but it’s far from enough. If he wants to be a part of the Canadian Connection, he’s going to have to prove himself all over again.”

[Jake Hughes nods in agreement, a determined look on his face.]

Jake Hughes: “Absolutely. One act of interference doesn’t make up for all the times he rejected us. He needs to show consistent loyalty and dedication.”

Scott Cole: “And he needs to prove he can keep up with us, inside and outside the ring. We’re not just a team; we’re a unit.”

[Ali Young steps closer, her eyes narrowing as she addresses both men.]

Ali Young: “Exactly. So, here’s what we’ll do. We keep an eye on Dylan. We test him, see if he really has what it takes to be one of us. If he passes, he might just earn his place in the Canadian Connection. But until then, he’s on probation.”

[Jake Hughes and Scott Cole nod, both looking determined and ready to see what Dylan Macleod is truly made of.]

Jake Hughes: “Sounds like a plan. Let’s see if he’s got the guts to really join us.”

Scott Cole: “And if he doesn’t, he’ll regret ever thinking he could.”

[Ali Young smirks, confident and resolute.]

Ali Young: “Alright, let’s get ready. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, and we’re not letting anyone or anything stand in our way.”

[The camera fades out as the Canadian Connection prepare for their next move, their focus now on testing Dylan Macleod’s commitment and worthiness to join their ranks.]

Main Event
Tag Team Match
CJ Dreamer & Ricky Johnson vs. Sin City Scoundrels

Under my Wing Pt.2

[The camera focuses on the Sin City Scoundrels celebrating in the ring, arms raised in victory. The crowd’s mixed reactions echo throughout the Goodfellas Casino Arena. Outside the ring, CJ Dreamer and Ricky Johnson sit on the floor, their faces reflecting disappointment from their defeat in the tag team main event.]

[CJ Dreamer and Ricky Johnson slowly get to their feet, glancing at each other with a shared sense of frustration. They exchange a nod of mutual understanding and respect, despite the loss. The crowd begins to chant their names, showing their support and appreciation for their efforts.]

Julian Fiasco: “What a match, but unfortunately, CJ Dreamer and Ricky Johnson just couldn’t pull off the win tonight against the Sin City Scoundrels.”

Jeremiah Sloan: “It’s a tough loss for these two, but you have to respect the heart they showed out there.”

[Suddenly, the boos from the crowd grow louder. The camera shifts to the entrance ramp, where Jupiter James steps out, a smirk plastered across her face. She points and laughs mockingly at Dreamer and Johnson, drawing more heat from the audience.]

Julian Fiasco: “Oh, come on! This is uncalled for. Jupiter James, showing absolutely no respect for Dreamer and Johnson.”

Jeremiah Sloan: “She’s really embraced this new attitude of hers, but it’s despicable to see her take pleasure in their loss like this.”

[Dreamer and Johnson look up at Jupiter James, their expressions hardening. The crowd’s boos intensify as Jupiter continues to laugh and point, clearly enjoying the moment.]

[Dreamer and Johnson exchange a glance, their eyes filled with determination despite the setback. They slowly start to walk towards the entrance ramp, their focus now on Jupiter James. However, Jupiter retreats backstage, still laughing as she disappears from sight.]

Julian Fiasco: “CJ Dreamer and Ricky Johnson might have lost the battle tonight, but this is far from over. Jupiter James better watch her back.”

Jeremiah Sloan: “Absolutely, Julian. Dreamer and Johnson are not the type to let something like this slide. The story between these three is far from finished.”

[The camera zooms in on the determined faces of CJ Dreamer and Ricky Johnson as they stand at the base of the ramp, looking towards where Jupiter James had just been. The show goes off the air with this tense moment, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating what will happen next.]

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