sVo Proving Grounds 40
Live on the HOTv Network on PWA:TV
Goodfellas Casino Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada
21st June 2024

[The anticipation reaches its peak as the video package concludes, highlighting the ‘Proving Grounds’ logo. The scene transitions to an exterior shot of the iconic Goodfellas Casino Arena, nestled in the vibrant heart of the Las Vegas strip. The camera then seamlessly shifts to a live view inside the arena, capturing the electric atmosphere. The sold-out crowd is a sea of energy, with fans passionately on their feet, screaming and waving homemade signs in hopes of catching a glimpse on camera.

The camera skillfully maneuvers through the enthusiastic audience, showcasing the diverse array of signs and the palpable excitement that permeates the arena. Finally, attention shifts to the commentary table, where the dynamic duo of Julian Fiasco and Jeremiah Sloan eagerly await the start of the action. Their welcoming smiles reflect the enthusiasm of the night ahead.

With the fans as their backdrop, Julian and Jeremiah extend a warm greeting to the viewers tuned in to the HOTv network. The broadcast kicks off with the seasoned commentators breaking down the anticipated matches and moments slated for tonight’s show. The stage is set, and the Goodfellas Casino Arena is primed for an unforgettable evening of sVo Proving Grounds!]

Single Match
‘Python’ Noah Rogan vs. Bronson Johnson

True Grit and Determination

[The camera cuts to the backstage area, specifically to the locker room of the Southern Boys. ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams are preparing for their upcoming tag team match, tightening their boots and adjusting their gear. Their manager, ‘Texas Cowgirl’ Haley Dallas, stands nearby, looking focused and determined.]

Texas Cowgirl Haley Dallas: Alright, boys, listen up. This is a big one tonight. We’re going up against Patriot Act, and you know those boys are gonna bring every dirty trick in the book.

‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller: (nodding) We know, Haley. We’ve seen how they operate. They talk a big game about patriotism, but all they care about is winning by any means necessary.

‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams: (cracking his knuckles) Yeah, but they ain’t faced a team like us before. We’re not just any tag team; we’re the Southern Boys. We fight with heart, and we fight for these fans.

Texas Cowgirl Haley Dallas: That’s right. And that’s what sets us apart from them. They might cheat, they might lie, but we’ve got something they’ll never have – the support of the fans and the spirit of the South running through our veins.

[Dave and Dan share a determined look, their eyes steely with resolve.]

‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller: We’ve been in this business long enough to know that it’s not just about the wins and losses. It’s about standing up for what’s right. And tonight, we’re gonna show Patriot Act exactly what that means.

‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams: They can bring their cheap shots and their underhanded tactics. We’ll be ready for ‘em.

Texas Cowgirl Haley Dallas: (smiling proudly) That’s the spirit. Remember, boys, we’re doing this for everyone who believes in us, everyone who’s ever cheered us on. Let’s give them a show they’ll never forget.

[Dave and Dan stand up, fully prepared for the match. Haley puts a hand on each of their shoulders, looking them in the eyes.]

Texas Cowgirl Haley Dallas: Alright, Southern Boys. Let’s go out there and show Patriot Act what true grit and determination look like.

[With a final nod, the Southern Boys and Haley head towards the entrance area, ready to take on Patriot Act. The camera lingers on their determined expressions, capturing the intensity and readiness for the battle ahead.]

[Cut back to the commentators at ringside.]

Jeremiah Sloan: The Southern Boys look more than ready for this match, and with Haley Dallas by their side, they’ve got all the motivation they need.

Julian Fiasco: Patriot Act better watch out, because the Southern Boys are coming in hot and ready to defend their honor and the fans’ respect. This is gonna be one heck of a showdown!

[The screen transitions to the ring as the match is about to begin, with the energy in the arena palpable in anticipation of the clash between the Southern Boys and Patriot Act.]

Tag Team Match
The Southern Boys vs. Patriot Act

Stand Your Ground

[The camera transitions to the backstage interview area where Katie Smith stands with a confident smile, microphone in hand. Beside her is the “Wild West Warrior” Jake Blackwood, his cowboy hat tilted slightly and his eyes focused.]

Katie Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the “Wild West Warrior” Jake Blackwood. Jake, you’re about to step into the ring with the young Canadian, Dylan MacLeod. You’re on quite the winning streak here in the sVo. How are you feeling about tonight’s match?

Jake Blackwood: (adjusting his hat) Well, Katie, it’s always a thrill to step into that ring. Every match is a new challenge, a new opportunity to prove myself. Dylan MacLeod is a talented kid, no doubt about it. But I’m on a mission, and nothing’s gonna stop this train from rollin’.

Katie Smith: Your journey in the sVo has been impressive so far. What do you think has contributed to your success?

Jake Blackwood: (smirking) It’s all about the mindset, Katie. I come from a long line of fighters. Out in the Wild West, you learn to be tough, to stand your ground, and to never back down from a fight. That’s what I bring to the sVo. Every match, I give it my all, and I fight like it’s my last day on earth. That’s the Wild West way.

Katie Smith: Dylan MacLeod has also shown a lot of potential and resilience. What’s your strategy going into this match?

Jake Blackwood: (nodding) Dylan’s got heart, no question. But heart alone ain’t gonna get the job done. My strategy is simple: stay focused, stay aggressive, and take the fight to him. I’ve seen what he can do, but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. He’ll find out soon enough that the Wild West Warrior doesn’t just ride into town to play nice.

Katie Smith: You’ve mentioned your Wild West roots a lot. How do you feel they’ve shaped you as a wrestler?

Jake Blackwood: (grinning) Out there, you learn to be self-reliant, to handle any situation that comes your way. It’s about survival. I bring that same mentality to the ring. Whether it’s one opponent or an entire posse, I’m ready to take on anyone and everyone. The ring is my territory, and I defend it with everything I’ve got.

Katie Smith: Finally, Jake, what message do you have for the sVo fans and for Dylan MacLeod ahead of tonight’s match?

Jake Blackwood: (looking into the camera) To all the fans, buckle up, ’cause you’re in for one hell of a ride tonight. And to Dylan MacLeod, I hope you’re ready, kid. Tonight, you’re stepping into the Wild West, and I don’t plan on leaving without another notch on my belt.

Katie Smith: Thank you, Jake. Best of luck in your match tonight.

[Jake tips his hat to Katie and then walks off, his eyes filled with determination and confidence. Katie turns back to the camera with a professional smile.]

Katie Smith: There you have it, folks. The Wild West Warrior, Jake Blackwood, ready to continue his winning streak against Dylan MacLeod. Stay tuned for what promises to be an electrifying match!

[The camera fades back to the arena, the energy building for the upcoming showdown.]

Single Match
‘Wild West Warrior’ Jake Blackwood vs. Dylan MacLeod

Strategy, Support, and Strength in Numbers

[The camera cuts to the backstage area where Dylan MacLeod, looking frustrated and defeated, is making his way down the hallway after another tough loss. He runs a hand through his hair, his expression a mix of disappointment and determination. Suddenly, he bumps into Ali Young of the Canadian Connection, who is flanked by Jake Hughes and Scott Cole.]

Ali Young: (smirking) Well, well, well. Look who it is. The great Dylan MacLeod.

Dylan MacLeod: (sighs) What do you want, Ali?

Ali Young: (stepping closer) Just wanted to have a little chat. You know, Dylan, when we offered you a spot in the Canadian Connection a few weeks ago, we weren’t just offering you an alliance. We were offering you protection, guidance, and a way to avoid… well, this.

[Ali gestures towards Dylan’s defeated posture, while Jake Hughes and Scott Cole nod in agreement.]

Jake Hughes: (crossing his arms) You would have had backup, Dylan. Someone watching your back in the ring and out of it.

Scott Cole: (shaking his head) Instead, you’re out there on your own, taking losses and getting beat down.

Dylan MacLeod: (defensively) I can handle myself. I don’t need anyone’s help.

Ali Young: (raising an eyebrow) Really? Because from where I’m standing, it looks like you do. Look, Dylan, we see potential in you. You’ve got heart, but heart alone doesn’t win matches. Strategy, support, and strength in numbers do.

Dylan MacLeod: (clenching his fists) I don’t need you to tell me how to win a match.

Ali Young: (softening her tone) Dylan, this isn’t about telling you how to win. It’s about giving you the tools and the team to make sure you do. Tonight could have been different. We could have made sure you didn’t lose. But you turned us down.

[Dylan looks away, clearly frustrated but also considering her words.]

Ali Young: (placing a hand on his shoulder) Think about it, Dylan. You don’t have to keep going at it alone. When you’re ready to start winning, really winning, you know where to find us.

[Ali gives him a sympathetic nod before turning to walk away with Jake and Scott. Dylan stands there, deep in thought, watching them go. The camera lingers on his conflicted expression before cutting back to the action in the arena.]

Main Event
CJ Dreamer vs. ‘The Underdog’ Ricky Johnson

Far From Over

[CJ Dreamer, the veteran, stands tall after a hard-fought battle against the rookie, ‘The Underdog’ Ricky Johnson. The crowd cheers loudly as Dreamer extends a hand to Ricky Johnson, who, despite his defeat, smiles and accepts the handshake. The two men share a moment of mutual respect, the fans’ applause growing even louder.]

Julian Fiasco: What a show of sportsmanship from CJ Dreamer and Ricky Johnson! This is what Proving Grounds is all about!

Jeremiah Sloan: Absolutely, Julian. The future of sVo is bright with competitors like these two.

[Suddenly, the cheers turn to gasps and then loud boos as Jupiter James, steel chair in hand, jumps over the barricade and slides into the ring unnoticed.]

Julian Fiasco: Wait a minute! It’s Jupiter James! What is she doing here?

Jeremiah Sloan: She’s got a steel chair, Julian! This can’t be good!

[Before Dreamer or Johnson can react, Jupiter James swings the chair with vicious intent, smashing it across the back of CJ Dreamer, sending him crashing to the mat in agony. The crowd erupts in boos, horrified by the sudden attack.]

Julian Fiasco: No! CJ Dreamer didn’t see that coming! What a despicable act by Jupiter James!

Jeremiah Sloan: This is uncalled for! Dreamer just fought a hard match and showed respect to Johnson, and now this?

[With Dreamer down, Jupiter turns her attention to Ricky Johnson, who is trying to regain his footing. She swings the chair again, this time connecting with Johnson’s midsection, doubling him over before delivering a final brutal shot to his back. Johnson collapses to the mat beside Dreamer.]

Julian Fiasco: Somebody needs to stop this! Jupiter James has completely lost it!

Jeremiah Sloan: She’s got problems with both men, but this is not how you settle scores!

[The boos from the crowd intensify as Jupiter James stands over her fallen opponents, a cold, ruthless expression on her face. She raises the chair high above her head, taunting the fans who respond with even louder jeers.]

Jupiter James: (shouting) This is just the beginning! None of you, and none of them, are safe!

[Jupiter drops the chair and exits the ring, leaving CJ Dreamer and Ricky Johnson writhing in pain on the mat. Medical personnel rush down the ramp to check on them as the fans continue to boo and chant against Jupiter James.]

Julian Fiasco: What a shocking end to Proving Grounds 40! Jupiter James has left a path of destruction here tonight.

Jeremiah Sloan: She’s got a lot to answer for, Julian. This is far from over.

[The camera focuses on the fallen Dreamer and Johnson being attended to, then shifts to Jupiter James standing at the top of the ramp, smirking as she surveys the chaos she’s caused. The show fades to black with the echoing boos of the disappointed and angry crowd.]

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