RSPW Carnage 7
Samurai Summit Arena & Casino, Tokyo Japan
27th June 2024

The camera pans over the bustling arena, bathed in vibrant lights and the energy of excited fans filling every seat. Pyrotechnics explode in a dazzling display, adding to the electric atmosphere of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling’s Carnage 7. The Samurai Summit Arena is alive with anticipation as the stage is set for another thrilling night of action.

Hiro Tanaka: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another exhilarating edition of RSPW Carnage! We are coming to you live from the heart of Tokyo, where history is in the making tonight!

Alex Mercer: That’s right, Hiro! Tonight, the stakes couldn’t be higher as we dive into the semifinals of the tournament to crown the inaugural RSPW Heavyweight Champion. It’s all about who will rise to the occasion and seize their opportunity for glory.

Hiro Tanaka: We have two explosive matchups on tap, as Kazuki Nakamura goes head-to-head with Ryujiro, and Colt Thompson faces off against Haruki Hayashi. Plus, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the fallout from Colt Thompson’s shocking betrayal of Hugo Ryzing last week.

Alex Mercer: And let’s not forget Katsuhiro Kaneda, who became the first-ever RSPW Junior Heavyweight Champion in a controversial victory. The fallout from that match will surely send shockwaves through the entire roster.

Hiro Tanaka: It’s a night you won’t want to miss, folks! The road to championship gold continues right here at RSPW Carnage 7. Stay tuned for all the hard-hitting action and drama that only Rising Sun Pro Wrestling can deliver!

[Camera fades as the crowd roars in anticipation, signaling the beginning of another unforgettable night in RSPW history.]

First Ever

The arena buzzes with anticipation as the camera pans over the sea of fans eagerly awaiting the next segment. Suddenly, the ominous theme of Katsuhiro Kaneda hits, and the boos rain down from the audience as the self-proclaimed first-ever RSPW Junior Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring. Kaneda struts confidently, the newly won championship belt slung over his shoulder, soaking in the negative reaction with a smirk.

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the first-ever RSPW Junior Heavyweight Champion… Katsuhiro Kaneda!”

Kaneda steps into the ring, raises the championship belt high above his head, and basks in the mixed reception of boos and jeers from the crowd.

Katsuhiro Kaneda: “Tokyo, Tokyo, Tokyo! You’re looking at the future of RSPW right here! Last week, I proved without a doubt that I am the very best this division has to offer. I outlasted seven other competitors, including that masked joke, King Neptune!”

The crowd’s boos intensify at Kaneda’s words. He continues, undeterred.

Katsuhiro Kaneda: “And now, I am your Junior Heavyweight Champion! None of you can touch me, none of you are even fit to lace my boots!”

Before Kaneda can continue his tirade, the arena darkens, and the uplifting theme of King Neptune echoes throughout the venue. The fans erupt into cheers as King Neptune emerges at the top of the entrance ramp, wearing his distinctive mask. He strides purposefully toward the ring, eyes locked on Kaneda.

Alex Mercer (commentary): “Here comes King Neptune, Hiro! He’s not going to stand by and let Kaneda disrespect the fans of Tokyo like that!”

Hiro Tanaka (commentary): “Absolutely, Alex. King Neptune is known for his unwavering support from the fans, and he won’t tolerate Kaneda’s arrogance.”

King Neptune enters the ring, standing toe-to-toe with Kaneda. The two stare each other down, tension palpable in the air.

King Neptune: “Kaneda, you may have won that title, but you haven’t earned the respect of these fans. They see right through your cheap tactics and your disrespect. You better watch your mouth when you talk about the people of Tokyo.”

Katsuhiro Kaneda: “Respect? Ha! Respect is for losers like you, Neptune. The only thing that matters is this shiny gold around my waist. And as for you, stay out of my business unless you want to end up like the rest of them – on the mat, looking up at me!”

The crowd boos loudly at Kaneda’s words, but King Neptune remains unfazed, his gaze unwavering.

King Neptune: “We’ll see about that, Kaneda. You might have the title for now, but it’s only a matter of time before someone like me takes it away from you.”

The tension between the two rivals reaches its peak as they continue to glare at each other, the atmosphere charged with anticipation. The cameras cut away as the confrontation hangs in the balance, leaving the audience eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this heated rivalry.

Is he Here?

Rei Yoshida: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with ‘the Lone Star’ Colt Thompson ahead of his semi-final match later tonight. Colt, you’re one step away from the finals. How are you feeling going into this match?”

Colt Thompson looks focused but appears slightly distracted, glancing around as if expecting someone.

Colt Thompson: “Rei, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve worked my whole career for this moment. Making it to the semi-finals, it means everything to me. But, uh, listen… Have you seen Hugo around here tonight?”

Rei Yoshida looks surprised at Colt’s question, adjusting her microphone.

Rei Yoshida: “Um, no, Colt. Why do you ask?”

Colt Thompson: “Last show… I did something that had to be done. But Hugo… He’s not the type to just let it slide. I betrayed him, Rei. And I know he’s out for payback.”

Rei nods, understanding the gravity of Colt’s concern.

Rei Yoshida: “It sounds like you’ve got a lot on your mind, Colt. How are you planning to stay focused on your match tonight despite these distractions?”

Colt Thompson: “Hugo’s gonna have to wait his turn. Tonight, I’ve got business in that ring. And whoever they throw at me, whether it’s Haruki Hayashi or anyone else, they better be ready. Because I’m going all the way to that final, no matter who stands in my way.”

Colt Thompson’s gaze hardens, determination clear in his eyes as he looks ahead to his match.

Colt Thompson: “But mark my words, Rei. If Hugo shows his face tonight, he better be ready for what’s coming to him.”

With that, Colt Thompson walks away from the interview, leaving Rei Yoshida pondering the intensity of tonight’s semi-final showdown and the unresolved tension between Colt and his former ally, Hugo Ryzing.

Single Match
Hiroshi Takagi vs. Hiro Ryuu


Rei Yoshida: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with fan favorite Mei Nakamura ahead of her match against Emi Sato. Mei, you’ve had quite the journey in this tournament. How are you feeling going into your match tonight?”

Mei Nakamura smiles warmly, exuding confidence despite the intensity of her upcoming match.

Mei Nakamura: “Thank you, Rei. Tonight, I’m focused on one thing: proving myself in that ring against Emi Sato. She’s a formidable opponent, but I’ve prepared diligently for this match.”

Rei Yoshida: “Speaking of preparation, Mei, there’s been a lot of talk about your rivalry with Akari Tanaka. How do you plan to handle that outside distraction while focusing on your match tonight?”

Mei Nakamura’s expression turns serious, her eyes reflecting determination.

Mei Nakamura: “Akari Tanaka and I have a history, no doubt. But tonight, my focus is solely on Emi Sato. Akari can try to distract me all she wants, but once I step into that ring, it’s just me and Emi. I’m here to win, Rei, and nothing will stand in my way.”

Rei Yoshida nods, understanding the intensity of Mei’s resolve.

Rei Yoshida: “Thank you, Mei. Good luck in your match tonight against Emi Sato.”

Mei Nakamura nods in appreciation before heading towards the arena, her determination palpable as she prepares to face her opponent in the ring.

Single Match
Mei Nakamura vs. Emi Sato

Boiling Point

The arena erupts with cheers as Mei Nakamura stands victorious in the center of the ring, her arm raised in triumph after a hard-fought victory over Emi Sato. The fans’ admiration for Mei is evident as they chant her name, celebrating her resilience and skill.

Hiro Tanaka: “What a win for Mei Nakamura! She’s proven once again why she’s a fan favorite here in RSPW.”

Alex Mercer: “Absolutely, Hiro. Mei showed incredible determination tonight.”

Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as Akari Tanaka’s music hits, and she storms down the ramp with a fierce determination on her face. The fans’ cheers turn to gasps as Akari slides into the ring and blindsides Mei Nakamura with a vicious attack.

Hiro Tanaka: “Oh no! Akari Tanaka is assaulting Mei Nakamura from behind!”

Alex Mercer: “This rivalry between Mei and Akari has reached a boiling point!”

Akari rains down punches on Mei, who tries to defend herself amidst the onslaught. Security rushes into the ring, desperately trying to separate the two wrestlers as they continue to brawl.

Hiro Tanaka: “Security is trying to break them apart, but these two are out for blood!”

Alex Mercer: “What a chaotic scene here to end tonight’s show. Mei Nakamura and Akari Tanaka just can’t be contained!”

Despite security’s efforts, Mei and Akari manage to break free momentarily, exchanging heated words before they are forcibly pulled apart once again.

Hiro Tanaka: “This rivalry has intensified to a whole new level, Alex. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.”

Alex Mercer: “Indeed, Hiro. Mei Nakamura and Akari Tanaka are on a collision course, and it’s clear that their animosity is far from over.”

As Mei Nakamura is escorted out of the ring by security, Akari Tanaka watches with a defiant smirk, signaling that this rivalry is far from settled.

RSPW Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Semi Final
Kazuki Nakamura vs. Ryujiro

The Dragon is Rising

The camera cuts to the lavish office of Hiroshi Fujimoto, adorned with memorabilia from past wrestling events. Fujimoto is seated behind his desk, engrossed in reviewing match footage on his tablet, when the door bursts open.

Hiroshi Fujimoto: “Ah, Takeshi Kobayashi. Come on in.”

The camera pans to reveal Takeshi Kobayashi, known as the “Rising Dragon,” entering with a determined look on his face. He closes the door behind him and approaches Fujimoto’s desk.

Takeshi Kobayashi: “Mr. Fujimoto, the tournament didn’t go the way I wanted. I need to get back on track, and I’m ready to prove myself again.”

Fujimoto nods understandingly, setting aside his tablet.

Hiroshi Fujimoto: “I understand, Takeshi. You’ve shown incredible resilience in the ring, and I have no doubt you’ll bounce back stronger. How about this? I’ll book you in a match for the next show. We’ll find you an opponent that’ll get everyone talking.”

Kobayashi’s expression brightens with renewed determination.

Takeshi Kobayashi: “Thank you, Mr. Fujimoto. I’ll make sure to bring my A-game. I’m ready for whatever challenge you have in mind.”

Fujimoto smiles, confident in Kobayashi’s resolve.

Hiroshi Fujimoto: “That’s what I like to hear. Keep that fire burning, Takeshi. We’ll make sure your next match is one to remember.”

Kobayashi nods gratefully, then turns to leave, his focus already shifting back to training and preparing for his upcoming opportunity.

RSPW Heavyweight Championship Tournament – Semi Final
Colt Thompson vs. Haruki Hayashi

Where is He?

The arena buzzes with anticipation as Colt Thompson stands tall in the center of the ring, his arm raised in victory after a hard-fought battle against Haruki Hayashi. The fans’ boo mix with a sense of tension in the air, knowing the turbulent history between Thompson and his former ally, Hugo Ryzing.

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “What a match we’ve just witnessed, Alex! Colt Thompson securing his spot in the finals against Ryujiro for the RSPW Heavyweight Championship!”

Alex Mercer (commentator): “Indeed, Hiro! But you can sense the unease in Colt Thompson. He’s looking around, perhaps expecting retribution from Hugo Ryzing after their fallout last time.”

Colt Thompson scans the entrance ramp, his eyes darting with suspicion. The crowd’s boos turn into murmurs of anticipation as they too wait to see if Ryzing will make an appearance.

Colt Thompson: “Where are you, Ryzing? You think you can just sneak up on me?”

The tension builds as seconds pass with no sign of Hugo Ryzing. Colt Thompson’s guard remains up, his senses on high alert.

Hiro Tanaka: “Colt Thompson clearly on edge here. He knows Ryzing won’t take betrayal lightly.”

Alex Mercer: “But it seems tonight, Colt might just have escaped retribution. What a turn of events!”

The cameras pan back to Colt Thompson, who finally lowers his guard slightly, a mix of relief and lingering caution evident on his face. The fans’ cheers gradually drown out the tension, celebrating Colt’s hard-earned victory.

Hiro Tanaka: “Well, folks, that wraps up tonight’s incredible show of RSPW Carnage! Colt Thompson moves on to face Ryujiro in the finals. It’s sure to be an explosive showdown for the ages!”

Alex Mercer: “Indeed, Hiro! Join us next time as we witness history in the making with the crowning of the first-ever RSPW Heavyweight Champion!”

The camera fades to black as the commentators continue to hype up the upcoming championship match, leaving the audience eagerly anticipating the culmination of this thrilling tournament.

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