RSPW Carnage 6
Samurai Summit Arena & Casino, Tokyo Japan
13th June 2024

[The screen fades in with a dynamic aerial shot of the vibrant cityscape of Tokyo at night, the iconic Samurai Summit Arena standing out with its bright lights and energetic crowds. The camera then cuts to inside the packed arena, where fans are waving signs and cheering excitedly. Pyrotechnics explode on the stage, lighting up the arena in a dazzling display of color and energy. The RSPW Carnage logo flashes across the screen as the theme music blares.]

Hiro Tanaka (commentator): “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to another electrifying episode of Rising Sun Pro Wrestling’s Carnage! We are live from the Samurai Summit Arena in Tokyo, Japan!”

Alex Mercer (commentator): “That’s right, Hiro! The group stages are behind us, and now we move into the knockout rounds of the tournament to crown the first-ever RSPW Heavyweight Champion!”

Hiro Tanaka: “Tonight, we have four incredible matchups that will determine who moves on to the semi-finals. It’s going to be a night of intense action and high stakes!”

Alex Mercer: “Let’s take a look at the matches lined up for tonight. First, we’ve got Sota Tokunaga taking on Kazuki Nakamura. Both men have shown incredible resilience and skill to make it this far.”

Hiro Tanaka: “And following that, the dangerous Ryujiro will face off against ‘the Boss’ Akeno Watabe. This clash of titans is sure to be a hard-hitting affair!”

Alex Mercer: “In our third match, the fan-favorite Kaito Tanaka will go head-to-head with the brash and unpredictable Colt Thompson. These two have a lot of history, and tonight, it’s all on the line.”

Hiro Tanaka: “And finally, in our main event, the ruthless Hugo Ryzing will battle it out with Haruki Hayashi. This match has all the makings of a classic, with both men eager to prove themselves.”

[The camera pans over the excited crowd, showcasing the diverse and passionate fans holding up signs and chanting the names of their favorite wrestlers. The energy in the arena is palpable.]

Alex Mercer: “The atmosphere here tonight is electric, Hiro! The fans can feel the importance of these matches, and so can we.”

Hiro Tanaka: “Absolutely, Alex. Every competitor knows that one loss now means elimination. There’s no room for error, and the pressure is on.”

Alex Mercer: “Who will rise to the occasion and move one step closer to becoming the first-ever RSPW Heavyweight Champion? We’re about to find out!”

[The camera cuts to a wide shot of the ring as the announcer steps in, ready to introduce the first match of the night.]

Hiro Tanaka: “Get ready, folks! The road to the championship continues right now, here on RSPW Carnage!”

[The screen transitions to the ring, where the first competitors are making their way down the aisle, and the show officially kicks off with the first match of the knockout round.]

The Alliance

[The camera cuts to the backstage entrance of the Samurai Summit Arena, where the bustling activity of staff and crew preparing for the night’s event is evident. The heavy steel door swings open, and in walk Hugo Ryzing and Colt Thompson. Both men are dressed in casual yet intimidating attire, their presence commanding immediate attention.]

[They walk side by side, deep in conversation, their expressions serious and focused.]

Hugo Ryzing: “Tonight’s the night, Colt. We take this tournament by storm. No more close calls, no more surprises. We’re making a statement.”

Colt Thompson: [Nodding in agreement.] “Damn right, Hugo. We stick to the plan, and nobody’s gonna stop us. These Japanese fans think they know wrestling, but they haven’t seen anything yet.”

[As they continue walking, various staff members and lower-card wrestlers step aside, acknowledging their presence with a mix of respect and caution. The alliance between Ryzing and Thompson is evident, and their reputation precedes them.]

Hugo Ryzing: “You got my back out there, right? If things start going south, I expect you to be there.”

Colt Thompson: [With a confident smirk.] “You know it. Just like last time, I’ve got your back. And when it’s my turn, you’ll be there for me. We’re in this together, all the way to the top.”

[They reach a crossroads in the hallway, where several members of the production crew are setting up cameras and equipment. Ryzing and Thompson pause for a moment, surveying the scene.]

Hugo Ryzing: “These fans, this management… they have no idea what’s coming. By the end of this tournament, they’ll all know who the real power in RSPW is.”

Colt Thompson: “And it starts tonight. We’re taking over, Hugo. One match at a time.”

[The two men exchange a determined look, their alliance seeming tighter than ever. They continue walking towards the locker rooms, their conversation fading into the background noise of the bustling arena.]

Camera Crew Member: [Whispering to another.] “Those two are trouble. You can feel it.”

[The segment ends with the camera focusing on Ryzing and Thompson’s backs as they disappear into the depths of the arena, their formidable partnership casting a long shadow over the night’s events.]

[Cut back to the commentators’ desk, where Hiro Tanaka and Alex Mercer are ready to set the stage for the evening.]

Hiro Tanaka: “Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like Hugo Ryzing and Colt Thompson have arrived with a clear purpose tonight. The tournament continues, and tensions are higher than ever!”

Alex Mercer: “That’s right, Hiro. With alliances like this, anything can happen. Stay tuned, folks – RSPW Carnage is just getting started!”

Quarter Final Match
Sota Tokunaga vs. Kazuki Nakamura


[The camera cuts to a backstage area where Rei Yoshida stands with a microphone, a professional and composed demeanor as always. Beside her is the towering and charismatic Akeno Watabe, the fan-favorite known as “the Boss.” He is dressed in his wrestling gear, exuding confidence and determination. The backdrop features the Rising Sun Pro Wrestling logo prominently displayed.]

Rei Yoshida: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the one and only Akeno Watabe, who is about to face Ryujiro in the knockout round of the RSPW Heavyweight Championship tournament. Akeno, first of all, congratulations on making it this far. How are you feeling going into tonight’s crucial match?”

Akeno Watabe: “Thank you, Rei. I’m feeling focused and ready. This tournament has been a journey, and I’ve faced some incredible opponents to get here. Tonight, Ryujiro is standing in my way, and I know he’s a formidable competitor. But I didn’t come this far to back down now.”

Rei Yoshida: “Ryujiro is known for his aggressive and hard-hitting style. How do you plan to counter his attacks and secure a victory tonight?”

Akeno Watabe: “Ryujiro is definitely a tough opponent, no doubt about it. But I’ve faced tough opponents before. My strategy is to stay true to my strengths—use my power, stay agile, and outsmart him in the ring. I’m prepared for whatever he throws at me. This isn’t just about winning a match; it’s about proving that I belong at the top.”

Rei Yoshida: “Your journey in this tournament has certainly captured the hearts of many fans. How does it feel to have such a strong support system behind you?”

Akeno Watabe: [Smiling.] “The fans are everything to me. Their support gives me the strength to keep pushing forward, even when things get tough. Knowing that they believe in me fuels my determination. Tonight, I’m going to give them everything I’ve got and show them that their faith is well-placed.”

Rei Yoshida: “Lastly, Akeno, what message do you have for Ryujiro as you prepare to step into the ring against him?”

Akeno Watabe: [Turning to the camera.] “Ryujiro, you may be a fierce warrior, but tonight, you’re stepping into the ring with ‘the Boss.’ I respect your skills, but I’m not backing down. I’m here to win, and nothing is going to stop me from moving forward in this tournament. Let’s give these fans a match they’ll never forget.”

Rei Yoshida: “Thank you, Akeno. Best of luck in your match tonight.”

Akeno Watabe: “Thank you, Rei. Let’s make history.”

[The camera fades out as Akeno Watabe nods confidently, ready to head to the ring for his highly anticipated match against Ryujiro. The excitement for the upcoming bout is palpable, with the fans eagerly awaiting the clash of these two titans.]

Quarter Final Match
Ryujiro vs. Akeno Watabe

Eight Person Elimination Match
RSPW Junior Heavyweight Championship


[The camera returns to the ring, where the crowd is still buzzing from the intense and thrilling eight-person elimination match to crown the first-ever RSPW Junior Heavyweight Champion. The devious heel Katsuhiro Kaneda stands victorious in the center of the ring, breathing heavily but with a triumphant smirk on his face. The bodies of his fallen competitors, including his most bitter rival, King Neptune, are being helped out of the ring by officials and medical staff.]

[The ring announcer steps forward with a microphone.]

Ring Announcer: “Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match and the first-ever RSPW Junior Heavyweight Champion… KATSUHIRO KANEDA!”

[The crowd erupts into a mix of boos and reluctant applause, acknowledging Kaneda’s victory despite his underhanded tactics. Kaneda raises his arms in triumph, soaking in the reaction with a smug grin. The arena lights dim slightly as RSPW COO Hiroshi Fujimoto makes his way down to the ring, carrying the brand new Junior Heavyweight Championship belt on a velvet pillow.]

[Hiroshi Fujimoto steps into the ring, and the boos intensify as Kaneda arrogantly paces around, clearly enjoying the moment. Fujimoto approaches Kaneda, his expression stern but respectful of the significance of the occasion. He takes the microphone from the ring announcer.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: “Katsuhiro Kaneda, you have outlasted seven other competitors in a grueling match. Despite the controversy surrounding your methods, you have proven yourself tonight. It is my honor to present you with the RSPW Junior Heavyweight Championship.”

[Fujimoto holds out the belt, and Kaneda eagerly grabs it, hoisting it high above his head. The boos from the crowd grow louder, but Kaneda revels in their disdain, feeding off the negative energy.]

Katsuhiro Kaneda: [Grabbing the microphone.] “You see this, Fujimoto? You see this, fans? This is MY moment! I told you all from the beginning that I would become the first-ever RSPW Junior Heavyweight Champion, and now here I stand, the BEST in this division!”

[Kaneda drapes the belt over his shoulder, continuing to gloat.]

Katsuhiro Kaneda: “King Neptune, all my other so-called ‘competition’ – you were nothing but stepping stones on my path to greatness! This belt signifies the new era of Katsuhiro Kaneda, the era of domination!”

[Kaneda paces around the ring, holding the belt high for all to see.]

Katsuhiro Kaneda: “And this is just the beginning! I will defend this title against anyone, anytime, and prove that I am the ultimate Junior Heavyweight in Rising Sun Pro Wrestling!”

[The crowd’s boos reach a crescendo as Kaneda stands in the center of the ring, basking in his victory. Fujimoto, still holding the microphone, steps forward again.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: “Congratulations, Kaneda. But remember, being a champion means facing all challengers. Your reign has just begun, and there are many eager to take that title from you.”

[Kaneda smirks, unfazed by Fujimoto’s words.]

Katsuhiro Kaneda: “Let them try, Fujimoto. Let them all try. I am the champion now, and no one will take this from me!”

[Kaneda raises the belt one final time as his music hits, and the crowd continues to boo. The camera captures the triumphant and defiant expression on his face as the show cuts to a commercial break, leaving the audience with the image of the new RSPW Junior Heavyweight Champion standing tall in the ring.]

Here to Win

[The camera cuts to a bustling backstage area, where Rei Yoshida stands poised with a microphone in hand. Beside her is Kaito Tanaka, one of the favorites to win the RSPW Heavyweight Championship tournament. Kaito exudes a quiet confidence, his demeanor calm and focused. The backdrop features the Rising Sun Pro Wrestling logo prominently displayed.]

Rei Yoshida: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with one of the standout favorites in the tournament, Kaito Tanaka. Kaito, you’ve had an incredible journey so far. How are you feeling as you prepare to face Colt Thompson in your next match?”

Kaito Tanaka: “Thank you, Rei. I’m feeling confident and ready. This tournament has been a test of skill and determination, and I’m honored to be competing at this level. Colt Thompson is a tough opponent, but I’ve trained hard and I’m prepared to give it my all.”

Rei Yoshida: “Your unique blend of strong-style and high-flying techniques has earned you a lot of respect and admiration from the fans. What is your mindset going into such a high-stakes match?”

Kaito Tanaka: “My mindset is simple: stay focused, stay disciplined, and stay true to my roots. I’ve always believed in honoring the spirit of Japanese wrestling, and tonight is no different. I’ll rely on my training, my technique, and the support of the fans to overcome any challenge.”

Rei Yoshida: “Speaking of the fans, they’ve been incredibly supportive of you throughout this tournament. How does their energy impact your performance in the ring?”

Kaito Tanaka: [Smiling.] “The fans are everything. Their energy is what drives me to push harder, to go beyond my limits. Knowing that they believe in me gives me an extra boost of strength. Tonight, I want to make them proud and show them that their support means the world to me.”

Rei Yoshida: “Kaito, what message do you have for Colt Thompson as you prepare to face him in this crucial match?”

Kaito Tanaka: [Turning to the camera.] “Colt, I respect your abilities, but tonight, I’m here to win. This tournament means everything to me, and I won’t let anything stand in my way. Let’s give these fans a match they’ll never forget.”

[Suddenly, from out of nowhere, Hugo Ryzing charges into the frame, blindsiding Kaito Tanaka with a vicious attack. Hugo slams Kaito into the wall, delivering a series of brutal punches and kicks, catching everyone off guard. Rei Yoshida steps back, shocked by the sudden ambush.]

Rei Yoshida: “What the—! Hugo Ryzing, stop! Security! Somebody get help!”

[Hugo Ryzing continues his assault, throwing Kaito into equipment cases and landing a devastating knee strike to his ribs. Kaito crumples to the ground, clearly in pain. Security personnel rush in, pulling Hugo away as he sneers down at Kaito.]

Hugo Ryzing: “Consider that a preview of what’s coming, Kaito! You think you can just walk through this tournament? Think again!”

[Security finally drags Hugo Ryzing away as medical personnel rush to Kaito’s side, checking on his injuries. Rei Yoshida looks on, deeply concerned, as the camera captures the chaos and tension of the moment.]

Rei Yoshida: “This is absolutely despicable. Kaito Tanaka is set to face Colt Thompson next, but after this brutal attack, who knows if he’ll even be able to compete. Stay tuned, everyone—we’ll have updates as soon as we can.”

[The camera fades out, leaving the viewers in suspense as the show cuts to a commercial break, heightening the drama and anticipation for the upcoming match.]

Quarter Final Match
Kaito Tanaka vs. Colt Thompson

Final Warning

[The camera opens to the backstage office of RSPW COO Hiroshi Fujimoto. The normally composed executive is visibly furious, pacing back and forth behind his desk. The door swings open and Hugo Ryzing strolls in, a smug grin plastered on his face. Fujimoto stops pacing and fixes Ryzing with a steely glare.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: “Ryzing, what the hell do you think you’re doing? Your attack on Kaito Tanaka was completely uncalled for and has no place in Rising Sun Pro Wrestling. I will not tolerate such underhanded tactics in this tournament.”

Hugo Ryzing: [Smirking.] “Oh, come on, boss. Just giving the fans a little extra excitement, keeping things interesting. Besides, Kaito needed a reality check.”

Hiroshi Fujimoto: “Don’t play games with me, Ryzing. You know very well that this tournament is about determining the best wrestler, not about cheap shots and ambushes. You crossed the line today.”

Hugo Ryzing: [Casually shrugging.] “You really think I care about your lines, Fujimoto? I’m here to win, and I’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen.”

Hiroshi Fujimoto: “If I see or hear of anything remotely similar happening again, you are out of the tournament. No exceptions. Do I make myself clear?”

[Hugo Ryzing steps closer, his smirk widening as he looks Fujimoto straight in the eye.]

Hugo Ryzing: “You wouldn’t dare, Fujimoto. You need me in this tournament. I’m the biggest draw you’ve got, and you know it. Without me, this whole thing falls apart.”

[Fujimoto’s eyes narrow, his fists clenching at his sides.]

Hiroshi Fujimoto: “Try me, Ryzing. Just one more slip, and you’re gone. I don’t care who you think you are or what you think you bring to this company. Rising Sun Pro Wrestling stands for honor and competition, not thuggery.”

[Hugo Ryzing laughs, a mocking sound that echoes in the tense atmosphere.]

Hugo Ryzing: “We’ll see about that, boss. We’ll see.”

[Ryzing turns and saunters out of the office, leaving Fujimoto seething. The camera lingers on Fujimoto’s determined expression, signaling his commitment to maintaining the integrity of the tournament, before cutting to the next segment.]

Quarter Final Match
Hugo Ryzing vs. Haruki Hayashi

The Plan

[The arena is electric with the cheers of the fans as Haruki Hayashi stands victorious in the ring, his hand raised high by the referee. Hugo Ryzing, having just suffered a shocking defeat, is livid. He kicks the ropes and glares toward the entrance ramp, clearly expecting someone to have come to his aid. Haruki continues to celebrate, basking in the adulation of the crowd.]

Hiro Tanaka: “Unbelievable! Haruki Hayashi has done it! He’s pulled off a major upset against Hugo Ryzing!”

Alex Mercer: “And look at Ryzing, Hiro. He seems furious, probably wondering where his supposed ally Colt Thompson was when he needed him!”

[Ryzing paces around the ring, his eyes darting back to the ramp, expecting Colt Thompson to appear. But there is no sign of Thompson. The crowd’s cheers grow louder as Haruki climbs the turnbuckle, celebrating his hard-earned victory. Meanwhile, the camera cuts backstage.]

[Backstage, Colt Thompson is seen standing in front of a monitor, a sly smirk on his face as he watches Hugo Ryzing’s tantrum in the ring. Thompson crosses his arms, clearly enjoying the sight of Ryzing’s frustration.]

Colt Thompson: [Muttering to himself.] “Looks like you got what you deserved, Ryzing.”

[The camera zooms in on Colt’s smirking face, capturing his sense of satisfaction. The show then cuts back to the arena, where Ryzing is still fuming, glaring at the entrance ramp one last time before storming out of the ring. Haruki continues to celebrate, soaking in the cheers and chants of the fans.]

Hiro Tanaka: “What an incredible turn of events! Haruki Hayashi with a massive victory, and it looks like there might be some cracks forming in the alliance between Ryzing and Thompson.”

Alex Mercer: “Indeed, Hiro. This is going to have major implications for the tournament moving forward. What a night it’s been here at RSPW Carnage!”

[The camera cuts back to the ring, showing Haruki Hayashi taking a final bow for the fans, his victory cemented in the annals of RSPW history. The screen fades to black, leaving the audience buzzing with excitement and anticipation for the next episode.]

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