P:V Dance of the Damned PPV
Live on the HOTv Network
Bojangles’ Coliseum – Charlotte, North Carolina

29th June 2024

The camera pans over the electric atmosphere inside Bojangles’ Coliseum, where thousands of P:V faithfuls have gathered, eagerly anticipating the spectacle that is Dance of the Damned, one of the most anticipated PPVs in P:V history. The arena buzzes with excitement and anticipation as the stage is set for an unforgettable night of action.

Zac Brindle: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dance of the Damned! We are live from the iconic Bojangles’ Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina, where tonight, the stars of Project Violence will leave it all in the ring!

Johnny Kaos: Zac, this is going to be one incredible night. We’ve got marquee matches lined up, including a Steel Cage showdown for the P:V Heavyweight Championship!

Zac Brindle: That’s right, Johnny. Adam Garcia defends his title against the sinister Hate Watson inside a Steel Cage. It’s a battle that promises to be nothing short of brutal.

Johnny Kaos: And let’s not forget about the clash between mentor and protege. Jakucho Akechi puts her historic TV Championship reign on the line against her own apprentice, Setsuna Kojima. Can Setsuna break through and dethrone the longest-reigning TV Champion in P:V history?

Zac Brindle: Plus, Masafumi Satake gets his shot at redemption when he challenges Boyd Jackson for the International Heavyweight Championship. Boyd controversially took Satake’s spot, and tonight, Satake aims to reclaim what he believes is rightfully his.

Johnny Kaos: The stakes couldn’t be higher, Zac. We’re in for a night of high-octane action, drama, and surprises here at Dance of the Damned!

The camera cuts to shots of the enthusiastic crowd, holding up signs and cheering in anticipation. The stage is set, the competitors are ready, and the tension is palpable as P:V presents Dance of the Damned!

Stay tuned for all the thrilling action, as P:V’s Dance of the Damned begins now!


The camera focuses on the bustling arena as the crowd eagerly awaits the start of Dance of the Damned. Suddenly, the familiar music of Sanctioned Violence Owner Jon Page hits, drawing thunderous cheers from the fans. Jon Page strides confidently down the ramp, dressed in a sharp suit, carrying a microphone in hand. He enters the ring and waits for the crowd to settle down before speaking.

Jon Page: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Dance of the Damned! Tonight, we are about to witness some of the most intense battles in the history of Sanctioned Violence let alone Project:Violence, right here in Charlotte! But before we kick things off, I’ve got a special announcement to make.

The crowd murmurs in anticipation, eager to hear what Jon Page has in store.

Jon Page: You see, tonight we’ve got an International Heavyweight Championship match lined up, and it’s sure to be a spectacle. But as we celebrate the best of the singles division, it’s also time we recognize the incredible talent in our tag team division. That’s why I’m proud to announce the start of a tournament to crown the first-ever Sanctioned Violence International Tag Team Champions!

The crowd erupts into cheers and applause at the exciting news.

Jon Page: This tournament will kick off tomorrow night on sVo Showdown, where teams from across Sanctioned Violence will compete for the honor and glory of becoming our inaugural tag team champions. So, tag teams, get ready because the competition is about to get fierce!

Jon Page pauses for a moment to let the announcement sink in, enjoying the positive reaction from the audience.

Jon Page: Now, without further ado, let’s get this show started! Get ready for an unforgettable night of action here at Dance of the Damned! Enjoy the show, everyone!

Jon Page raises his microphone in the air as the crowd continues to cheer. The camera captures the excitement in the arena, setting the stage for an epic night of Sanctioned Violence at P:V Dance of the Damned!

Deja Vu

The backstage area is abuzz with activity as crew members rush back and forth, preparing for the Dance of the Damned Pay-Per-View. Among the chaos, Masafumi Satake arrives at the arena, focused and determined. He adjusts his gear, mentally preparing himself for the upcoming International Heavyweight Championship match against Boyd Jackson. Just as he reaches his locker room door, Elena Cruz, microphone in hand, hurries over to get a word with him.

Elena Cruz: Masafumi Satake, tonight you have the opportunity to win the International Heavyweight Championship from Boyd Jackson. What are your thoughts going into this match?

Before Satake can respond, the scene suddenly erupts into chaos. Out of nowhere, Boyd Jackson appears, launching a vicious assault on Satake from behind. The impact sends Satake crashing to the ground, his body writhing in pain as Jackson rains down blows.

Security personnel quickly rush to the scene, attempting to pull Jackson off Satake. The arena echoes with shouts and the clattering of equipment as the security team struggles to restrain Jackson.

Security Guard: Get him out of here! Back off, Jackson!

Despite their efforts, Jackson manages to land a few more punishing strikes before being forcibly dragged away, leaving Satake sprawled on the ground, clutching his ribs in agony.

Elena Cruz: (shocked) Masafumi, are you okay? Can you still compete tonight?

Satake grimaces in pain, slowly pushing himself up with the assistance of nearby crew members, not being able to answer the question because of the pain.

The camera pans out as medical personnel rush in to attend to Satake, the backstage area filled with tension and uncertainty as the International Heavyweight Championship match hangs in the balance.

Single Match
Puck vs. Dutch Ramirez


The backstage interview area is bustling with activity as Elena Cruz stands ready with her microphone, awaiting the arrival of Midas and his manager, Katya Roux. Moments later, the imposing figure of Midas, clad in his distinctive Egyptian-themed mask and ring attire, emerges from around the corner, accompanied by Katya Roux. Roux, with her confident and calculating demeanor, takes the lead as they approach Elena Cruz.

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with Katya Roux and her client, Midas. Katya, tonight Midas faces Dash Diaz in a highly anticipated rematch. What can we expect from Midas tonight?

Katya Roux: Oh, Elena, tonight is not just any rematch. Tonight, Midas is going to demonstrate why he is the dominant force in P:V. Dash Diaz, you made a big mistake when you crossed paths with Midas. You got lucky once, but tonight, Midas is going to show you what true destruction looks like. He’s going to tear through you like a force of nature, leaving nothing but wreckage in his wake.

The camera focuses on Midas, his masked expression inscrutable as he stands silently beside Katya Roux, exuding an aura of menace and power.

Elena Cruz: Midas, do you have any words for Dash Diaz ahead of your match tonight?

There’s a tense pause as Midas remains silent, his gaze fixed intently ahead.

Katya Roux: (smirking) Dash Diaz, consider this your last warning. You’ve awakened a sleeping giant, and tonight, Midas is going to make an example out of you. By the time he’s done, you’ll wish you never stepped foot in the ring with him.

With that ominous declaration, Katya Roux nods curtly, signaling the end of the interview. Midas and Roux turn on their heels and walk away, leaving Elena Cruz to contemplate the impending clash between Midas and Dash Diaz, knowing full well that tensions are at an all-time high between these fierce rivals.

Single Match
Midas vs. Dash Diaz

Against All Odds

The backstage locker room area is filled with an air of anticipation and tension as Elijah Drake, Darren Starr, and Simon Starr stand together, preparing for their upcoming match at the PPV. The walls are adorned with posters of past P:V events, serving as a backdrop to their conversation.

Elijah Drake: (folding his arms) Alright, fellas, we’re just hours away from stepping into that ring with the Legends Club. JD might have thought he was doing us a favor by putting Darwin on our team, but we all know the truth. It’s going to be the three of us against their four.

Darren Starr: (nodding) Yeah, and honestly, I’m not sure where Darwin’s head is at these days. Last time we saw him, he was still torn up about everything with Athena and Curtis.

Simon Starr: (crossing his arms) Three weeks and not a word from him. I don’t like it. Can we trust him out there tonight?

Elijah Drake: (grimacing) Look, I don’t blame Darwin for feeling conflicted. He’s caught between his family and his principles. But tonight, we can’t afford any doubts. We have to focus on ourselves and what we need to do to win.

Darren Starr: (nodding resolutely) Absolutely. We’ve been through too much to let the Legends Club walk away with another victory tonight. We’ve got each other’s backs, no matter what.

Simon Starr: (firmly) And we’ll do whatever it takes to come out on top, even if it means taking on the odds.

As the trio exchange determined glances, the door to the locker room creaks open slightly, catching their attention. However, it’s not Darwin Jones who steps in, but a stagehand with last-minute instructions for their entrance.

Stagehand: (looking slightly nervous) Sorry to interrupt, guys. Just making sure you’re ready to go. It’s almost showtime & I know Elena wants a word before you go out.

Elijah Drake: (nodding) We’ll be out there. Thanks.

The stagehand nods quickly and exits, leaving Drake, Darren, and Simon to exchange knowing glances.

Elijah Drake: (firmly) Alright, let’s focus. Darwin or no Darwin, we’re walking out of that ring tonight with our heads held high. The Legends Club has no idea what’s coming.

With renewed determination, Elijah Drake leads the Starr Brothers out of the locker room, ready to face their formidable opponents in a battle that promises to be nothing short of intense.

TV Championship Match
Jakecho Akechi (c) vs. Setsuma Kojima

Dragon’s Destiny


[Though the capacity crowd loudly counts the pin, no one can quite believe what they just saw. Their audible reaction is half shock, half cheers as the bell rings. Setsuna rolls off of Jakucho, head clutched in her hands as the reality of her victory starts to sink in. She lays there on her back, chest heaving as ‘Riot of Flowers’ plays over the speakers.

Jakucho meanwhile lays motionless in place. Her hair is plastered to her forehead, her makeup smeared and her expression empty. For her too the magnitude of the moment seems to be setting in. At ringside, the sometimes-priestess companion of Jakucho looks on, absolutely stunned. Chiaki has a mic in hand, but raises and lowers it a few times while she debates how to proceed.

As the ref fetches the Project: Violence Television Championship, she finds her answer.]

Chiaki: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner.. and NEEEEEW Project: Violence Television Champion! <The Emerald Dragon, KOOOOJIIIIMAAAA SEEEEETSUUUUNAAAA!!!”>

[The two women remain on their backs as the ref stands there with the belt in hand. Setsuna’s arms flop to the mat as the toll of the preceding war becomes clear. For a moment Jakucho’s hand flops around aimlessly, until at last she finds her teammate’s hand. She takes it in hers and stares over at the exhausted Emerald Dragon. They look deeply into each other’s eyes for a long moment before Setsuna sits up.

Though she grits her teeth at the effort, she finds the wherewithal to smile in satisfaction. Though the referee raises her hand, Setsuna’s gaze never leaves the Queen of Queer Style. It’s only once she’s handed the belt that Setsuna finally reacts. Her arms shake a little as the gold is placed into her hands – it’s real now. Setsuna stares down into its center plate for a long moment, head bowed and emotions hitting her all at once.]

Zac Brindle: She did it! She did it! Setsuna Kojima has just beaten her teammate, one of the most dominant wrestlers in the world today! The childhood dream has come true – the Emerald Dragon is champion!

Johnny Kaos: This is one of the bigger upsets in Project: Violence history, partner. At just 19 years old, Kojima has become the youngest Television Champion in history. She’s talked about how she promised the legendary Bison Kojima that she’d be a champion some day, and now she’s made it happen.

[When Setsuna finally looks up we see tears rolling down her cheeks. All the pent up emotion built up over eight years is flowing out all at once. As Jakucho rolls onto her knees, the lights come back on for the now former champion. She manages to find her balance, and immediately glares at Setsuna. 

The pair lock eyes, Jakucho storms forward and it looks like she may not be taking the loss well. Their foreheads meet and some words are exchanged in Japanese. Finally Jak backs off and pats Setsuna on the shoulder to cheers from the crowd; she then exits the ring with her companion in tow as a chant rings out from the fans.]


[In the ring Setsuna looks down at the title in disbelief, a sad smile starting to form on her face. She kisses the center plate and then walks over to the corner. There she climbs to the top turnbuckle and gets a pop from the appreciative crowd. At last Setsuna raises the belt to the heavens, perhaps to show her lost mentor she’s made good on her promise. The mic picks up her words as she lets loose a battle cry.]

Setsuna Kojima: Bison-san… I DID IT!

[This draws another pop as Setsuna poses atop the corner. As her music loops she hops down to the apron and then to the arena floor. Chiaki is there, and she immediately gives the new champ a hug. They embrace for a long moment, the young powerhouse breaking down with tears of joy and relief. After she’s managed to ground herself she walks up the ramp with Chiaki at her side and the Project: Violence Television Championship held high. As the celebration comes to an end, one last chant rises from the crowd.]



The backstage area hums with anticipation as Elena Cruz stands ready with her microphone, preparing to interview Elijah Drake and the Starr Brothers. They are visibly tense, discussing the upcoming match against the Legends Club, which has now become a four-on-three showdown. The atmosphere crackles with uncertainty as they await Darwin Jones, who has been conspicuously absent.

Elena Cruz: (smiling warmly) Elijah, Darren, Simon, tonight’s match against the Legends Club has taken an unexpected turn with Darwin Jones not joining your team. How are you feeling about heading into this matchup?

Before Elijah or the Starr Brothers can respond, the tension is broken by the sudden appearance of Darwin Jones. His expression is stony, jaw set in determination as he approaches the group.

Darwin Jones: (cutting in sharply) Save it, Elena. I’m here to set things straight. I don’t care who I have to face out there tonight—family, teammates, whoever. The only thing that matters is getting the win.

Elijah Drake and the Starr Brothers exchange surprised glances at Darwin’s assertiveness. There’s an uneasy silence as Darwin’s words hang in the air, the intensity of his demeanor palpable.

Elijah Drake: (nodding slowly) Darwin, look, we get it. Things have been rough, but if you are with us tonight, we need to focus on one thing—taking down the Legends Club. We’ve been through too much to let this opportunity slip away. The rest we can sort out afterwards.

Darren Starr: (stepping forward) Darwin, we’re all here for the same reason. We want to win. But we need to be on the same page out there.

Simon Starr: (firmly) Yeah, we can’t afford any distractions. It’s us against them, no matter what.

Darwin Jones’s jaw tightens further, but after a moment’s pause, he nods curtly, acknowledging their words.

Darwin Jones: (gritting his teeth) Fine. Just know, I’m not holding back tonight. Not for anyone.

With that, Darwin turns on his heel and heads off towards the arena entrance, leaving Elijah Drake and the Starr Brothers to exchange a cautious look.

Elijah Drake: (sighing) Let’s hope he’s as focused out there as he says he is.

Darren Starr: (nodding) We’ll make it work. We have to.

Elijah Drake, Darren, and Simon exchange a nod of determination before following Darwin Jones towards the ring. As they disappear down the hallway, the camera lingers on Elena Cruz, reflecting the tension and uncertainty that hangs over their impending match against the Legends Club.

Raise my Hand

The camera cuts to the chaotic scene in JD James’s office at the Bojangles’ Coliseum. JD James stands behind his desk, visibly furious, as Boyd Jackson lounges in a chair, smirking with the International Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder.

JD James: (angrily) You crossed the line, Boyd! Attacking Satake before the PPV match? You’ve jeopardized everything we’ve built here tonight!

Boyd Jackson chuckles dismissively, leaning back in his chair.

Boyd Jackson: (mockingly) Oh, spare me, JD. You act like you have control over me. Fact is, I’m the champ now, and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

JD James: (pointing angrily) You think this is a joke? You’re messing with one of our main events, Boyd! You’re jeopardizing the integrity of this company!

Boyd Jackson: (shrugging) Integrity? Please. The only thing that matters is this title, JD. And tonight, I’m going out there, and the ref is going to count Satake out as a no-show. Simple as that. (grins) Then you can raise my hand in victory.

JD James shakes his head in frustration, clenching his fists.

JD James: (forcefully) You’re out of line, Boyd. You’re abusing your power. I should suspend you right now!

Boyd Jackson: (standing up, defiantly) Try it, JD. But you won’t, because you need me. You need this championship. So, let’s get on with it. I’ve got a title to defend.

Boyd Jackson slings the championship belt over his shoulder and heads towards the door.

Boyd Jackson: (smirking) Oh, and JD? Your lucky I don’t make YOU raise my arm in the air out there!

With that, Boyd Jackson exits JD James’s office, leaving JD seething with anger and uncertainty. The camera lingers on JD James, his expression a mix of frustration and determination, knowing that one of tonight’s main events hangs in the balance.

Tag Team Match
Elijah Drake, The Starr Brothers & Darwin Jones vs. Curtis Knight, Athena & the Legends Club

Whatever it takes

The camera fades in to the aftermath of a chaotic four-on-four tag team match at the center of the Bojangles’ Coliseum. Elijah Drake, Darren Starr, Simon Starr, and Darwin Jones stand victorious in the ring, their arms raised amidst the cheers of the electrified crowd. The tension between them seems to have dissolved momentarily in the glow of victory.

Zac Brindle: (on commentary) What a shocking turn of events, Johnny! Against all odds, these four men have managed to coexist and secure a monumental victory over the Legends Club!

Johnny Kaos: (excitedly) Absolutely, Zac! This is a display of unity and teamwork that we never expected from these fierce rivals!

As the celebration continues, the atmosphere suddenly shifts. Darwin Jones steps forward, his expression unreadable. Elijah Drake, Darren, and Simon exchange glances, uncertainty creeping into their demeanor. Without warning, Darwin Jones lunges at Elijah Drake from behind, delivering a vicious blow that sends Drake crashing to the mat.

Zac Brindle: (incredulously) What is Darwin doing?!

Johnny Kaos: (shocked) No way! Darwin Jones has just attacked his own teammate!

The Starr Brothers, initially taken aback, quickly join Darwin Jones in the assault on Elijah Drake. The fans, once cheering, now erupt in boos and jeers as the betrayal unfolds before their eyes. Darren and Simon Starr stomp mercilessly on Drake, while Darwin Jones delivers punishing strikes.

Zac Brindle: (frustrated) This is despicable! They had the match won, and now they’re turning on their own partner!

Johnny Kaos: (disgusted) I can’t believe what I’m seeing, Zac. This is a complete betrayal!

The assault continues unabated as referees rush into the ring, desperately trying to intervene. The Starr Brothers and Darwin Jones, fueled by newfound unity, leave Elijah Drake incapacitated on the mat. They exit the ring together, their actions leaving the crowd in stunned silence.

Zac Brindle: (grave) Darwin Jones and the Starr Brothers have shown their true colors tonight, Johnny. This is a dark day for Project Violence.

Johnny Kaos: (shaking his head) Indeed, Zac. The Legends Club may have lost, but this might be worse.

The camera zooms in on the fallen Elijah Drake, clutching his ribs in pain, as Darwin Jones and the Starr Brothers walk up the ramp, their backs turned to the chaos they’ve caused. The boos from the audience echo throughout the arena, marking the end of a shocking and tumultuous match at Dance of the Damned.

Commercial Break

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Medical Facility

The camera cuts backstage to the aftermath of the shocking betrayal in the ring. Paramedics and personnel are seen surrounding Elijah Drake, who lies on a stretcher, being carefully loaded into the back of an ambulance. COO JD James stands nearby, his expression a mix of concern and frustration.

Paramedic: (to his team) Easy does it. Let’s get him secured.

The paramedics work efficiently, securing Elijah Drake on the stretcher and ensuring his comfort. JD James steps forward, his brow furrowed as he watches the scene unfold.

JD James: (to paramedics) How is he doing?

Paramedic: (checking vitals) He took quite a beating out there. We’re going to take him to the nearest medical facility for a full evaluation.

JD James: (grimly) Make sure he gets the best care. And keep me updated on his condition.

Paramedic: (nodding) Will do, Mr. James.

As the ambulance doors are closed and the vehicle begins to pull away, JD James watches with a troubled expression. The camera focuses on the ambulance driving off into the distance, signaling the end of a tumultuous night at Dance of the Damned.

JD James: (to himself) This wasn’t supposed to happen… Not like this.

The scene fades out as JD James stands alone, contemplating the implications of the shocking betrayal that has left Elijah Drake injured and the landscape of Sanctioned Violence forever altered.

Raise my Hand Pt.2

The arena is filled with boos as Boyd Jackson, the International Heavyweight Champion, struts confidently down the ramp, the championship belt draped over his shoulder. He grabs a microphone and waits for the jeers to die down.

Boyd Jackson: (smirking) Shut your mouths! You’re looking at the greatest International Heavyweight Champion this business has ever seen!

The crowd responds with louder boos and jeers.

Boyd Jackson: Tonight, Masafumi Satake was too scared to show up and face the real champion! So, I demand a referee get out here right now and count him out!

The fans boo the twisting of the facts from Jackson, as a referee hurries down to the ring, looking hesitant as he stands near Jackson.

Boyd Jackson: (to the referee) Get on with it! Count him out!

The referee reluctantly begins the count, raising his hand to start.

Referee: One… Two… Three…

Just as the referee reaches eight, the arena erupts in cheers as Masafumi Satake’s entrance theme blares through the speakers. Satake appears, limping but determined, heading towards the ring.

Zac Brindle: (commentary) Wait a minute! It looks like Masafumi Satake isn’t going to let Boyd Jackson get away with this again!

Johnny Kaos: (commentary) Satake is showing incredible guts here, coming out despite the attack earlier tonight!

Satake rolls into the ring, but before he can fully recover, Boyd Jackson pounces on him, unleashing a barrage of punches and kicks.

Boyd Jackson: (yelling) You’re a joke, Satake! This is my ring!

The referee signals for the bell, officially starting the match.


The match is underway, with Boyd Jackson continuing his assault on Masafumi Satake, who valiantly tries to fight back despite the odds.

Zac Brindle: (commentary) Boyd Jackson thought he had it all planned out, but Masafumi Satake has other plans tonight!

Johnny Kaos: (commentary) Satake showing incredible resilience after that attack earlier. Can he pull off a miracle and dethrone Jackson here tonight?

The camera focuses on the intense action in the ring as Masafumi Satake battles against the odds, refusing to back down in his quest to capture the International Heavyweight Championship.

Fade out on the dramatic scene as the match unfolds, leaving the outcome in suspense for the viewers.

International Heavyweight Championship Match
Boyd Jackson (c) vs. Masafumi Satake


The arena erupts with cheers and applause as Masafumi Satake stands victorious in the middle of the ring, clutching the newly won International Heavyweight Championship belt tightly. Boyd Jackson lies defeated nearby, still catching his breath from the hard-fought battle.

Zac Brindle: (commentary) What a match we’ve witnessed tonight, Johnny! Masafumi Satake has overcome all odds to capture the International Heavyweight Championship!

Johnny Kaos: (commentary) Satake showed incredible heart and determination, Zac. He truly deserves this moment!

Satake drops to his knees in the center of the ring, overcome with emotion. The crowd’s cheers grow louder, showing their appreciation for his victory.

Zac Brindle: (commentary) This is a defining moment for Masafumi Satake’s career!

As Satake catches his breath and basks in the adulation of the fans, the familiar music of Sanctioned Violence Owner Jon Page hits. The crowd’s cheers reach a crescendo as Jon Page walks down the entrance ramp with a microphone in hand.

Jon Page: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have witnessed an incredible display of athleticism, determination, and heart. Masafumi Satake, you have proven yourself tonight!

Page enters the ring and extends a hand to Satake, who stands up and shakes it firmly. Page then takes the International Heavyweight Championship belt from the referee and presents it to Satake.

Jon Page: (with a smile) Masafumi Satake, on behalf of Sanctioned Violence, I present to you the International Heavyweight Championship!

The crowd erupts into cheers once again as Satake holds the championship belt high above his head. Streamers and confetti rain down from the rafters, adding to the celebratory atmosphere.

Zac Brindle: (commentary) What a moment! Masafumi Satake has etched his name into the history books of Sanctioned Violence tonight!

Johnny Kaos: (commentary) This is a well-deserved victory for Satake. He fought hard, he fought smart, and now he stands at the pinnacle of the wrestling world!

Satake continues to celebrate in the ring, soaking in the cheers and applause from the fans. Jon Page raises Satake’s hand in victory once more before exiting the ring, leaving Satake to revel in his championship triumph.

Fade out on Masafumi Satake standing tall in the ring, the new International Heavyweight Champion, as the crowd continues to cheer his name, marking the end of an unforgettable moment at Dance of the Damned PPV.

Champions Forever

The backstage interview area is bustling with activity as Elena Cruz stands ready with her microphone. The camera focuses on Elena, who looks determined as she prepares to interview the reigning P:V Tag Team Champions, the Anarchy Alliance.

Elena Cruz: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the current P:V Tag Team Champions, the Anarchy Alliance, Edwin Ellis and Stevie Rigg. Gentlemen, tonight you’re set to defend your titles against the Masters of the Mat. How confident are you feeling about retaining your championships?

Edwin Ellis and Stevie Rigg step into the frame, both wearing their championship belts over their shoulders. They exude confidence and a hint of arrogance as they respond to Elena’s question.

Edwin Ellis: Elena, let me stop you right there. Confidence doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel tonight. We are the Anarchy Alliance, the absolute pinnacle of tag team excellence in Project Violence. We didn’t become champions by luck or chance; we earned these belts through blood, sweat, and tears.

Stevie Rigg: That’s right, Elena. As for the Masters of the Mat, they may think they have what it takes to dethrone us, but tonight, they’re in for a rude awakening. They’ve been talking a big game, but when they step into that ring with us, they’ll realize just why we are the champions.

Elena Cruz: Strong words from the Anarchy Alliance. How do you plan to counter the unique style and strategy of the Masters of the Mat?

Edwin Ellis smirks confidently, while Stevie Rigg adjusts his championship belt before responding.

Edwin Ellis: Elena, the Masters of the Mat may have their tricks and tactics, but they’re stepping into our world tonight. They might be skilled, but they lack the ruthless aggression and cohesion that defines us. We’ve faced and defeated every challenge thrown our way, and tonight will be no different.

Stevie Rigg: Exactly. We know their weaknesses, and we’ll exploit every single one of them. They may be a formidable team, but they’re no match for the Anarchy Alliance. By the end of tonight, they’ll understand why we are the standard-bearers of tag team dominance in P:V.

The camera pans out as Edwin Ellis and Stevie Rigg share a confident nod, their demeanor leaving no doubt about their determination to retain their titles. Elena Cruz nods in acknowledgment before the scene fades out, leaving the anticipation high for the upcoming championship match.

Fade out on the Anarchy Alliance, ready to defend their P:V Tag Team Championships against the Masters of the Mat, as the tension builds for their clash in the ring.

P:V Tag Team Championship Match
The Anarchy Alliance (c) vs. The Masters of the Mat


The camera fades in to the tense atmosphere of the Legends Club locker room. Curtis Knight stands at the center, his imposing presence commanding attention. Athena, Buzz Marshall, and Drew Hendrix are scattered around, their expressions reflecting frustration and disappointment.

Curtis Knight: (firmly) Enough of this bickering. We’ve had setbacks, no doubt about it. But dwelling on losses won’t get us anywhere. We need to regroup, refocus, and get back to what made us the Legends Club in the first place.

Athena looks up, her gaze meeting Curtis Knight’s, while Buzz Marshall and Drew Hendrix exchange glances, silently acknowledging Knight’s words.

Athena: Curtis is right. We can’t afford to let personal issues or disagreements get in the way of our goals.

Buzz Marshall: (nodding) Yeah, we’ve been off our game lately. Time to remind everyone why we’re feared in this business.

Drew Hendrix: (gritting his teeth) I’m sick of losing. Drake, Jones, those Starr idiots— they think they’ve got one over on us. We need to show them who runs this place.

Curtis Knight: (stepping forward) That’s the spirit. Tonight wasn’t our night, but tomorrow and the days after, we’ll make damn sure it’s ours. We’re the Legends Club, damn it. We don’t just bounce back; we rise above.

The tension in the room eases slightly as Curtis Knight’s words resonate with each member of the Legends Club. They exchange determined nods, a silent agreement settling among them.

Curtis Knight: (pointing towards the door) Now let’s go. We’ve got work to do. No more looking back. We start fresh tonight.

With a final nod from Curtis Knight, the Legends Club members follow him out of the locker room, their expressions hardened with resolve. The camera lingers on the empty room, capturing the intensity of their determination to reclaim their dominance in P:V.

Fade out as the Legends Club sets off to reset and refocus after their recent setbacks, ready to climb back to the top of the wrestling world.

Dancing with the Damned

The camera fades in to the dimmed lights of the Bojangles’ Coliseum, the anticipation palpable in the air. The ominous sounds of Hate Watson’s theme music echo throughout the arena, signaling the imminent arrival of the challenger for the P:V Heavyweight Championship.

Zac Brindle: Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the man who has made it his mission to bring chaos and destruction to P:V— Hate Watson!

Johnny Kaos: He only found himself in this position because he pretended to befriend the champion & then had his goons attack him under masks! He doesn’t deserve the title shot!

Zac Brindle: Well he put Masafumi Satake in the hospital for months after their last man standing match! Adam Garcia is going to have a hell of a battle to keep the P:V Heavyweight Championship, even if Watson seems to have handicapped his own advantage with this stipulation.

Hate Watson emerges from the curtain to a chorus of boos, his cold, calculating gaze fixed straight ahead. He pauses at the top of the ramp, soaking in the negative reaction from the crowd, a faint smirk playing on his lips.

Johnny Kaos: Hate Watson looks as confident as ever tonight, Zac. But what’s this? He’s motioning for something or someone from backstage.

As Hate Watson stands at the entrance ramp, he turns back and waves towards the backstage area. On cue, the imposing figures of Asami Sukeban, Anderson Alvarez, and Masashi Miike emerge, each carrying tables adorned with barbed wire.

Zac Brindle: Oh my! It looks like Hate Watson has come prepared for absolute carnage tonight!

Johnny Kaos: Those tables covered in barbed wire are no joke, Zac. Hate Watson and his Hate Eternal cohorts are clearly planning to make this steel cage match a brutal affair. This could be an Apocalypse!

The trio of Hate Eternal members set up the barbed wire tables around and inside the steel cage, creating a menacing environment inside the already unforgiving structure.

Zac Brindle: Hate Watson isn’t playing games tonight, Johnny. He’s setting the stage for what could be one of the most brutal championship matches we’ve ever witnessed in P:V.

Amidst the eerie atmosphere and the growing tension, the crowd suddenly erupts into cheers as the P:V Heavyweight Champion, Adam Garcia, makes his entrance. Garcia strides purposefully down the entrance ramp, his eyes locked on Hate Watson and the setup inside the steel cage.

Johnny Kaos: Here comes the Mad Bull! Adam Garcia, the fighting champion, showing no fear as he steps into the lion’s den.

Zac Brindle: That’s right, Johnny. Adam Garcia knows what’s at stake tonight. He’s not just defending his title; he’s stepping into a war zone against Hate Watson and his arsenal of weapons.

Garcia enters the steel cage through the door, his demeanor focused and determined. He surveys the dangerous setup around him— the barbed wire tables strategically placed by Hate Watson’s faction.

Johnny Kaos: The crowd is firmly behind Adam Garcia tonight. They know he’s facing overwhelming odds, but he’s not backing down.

Zac Brindle: This is what championship pride looks like, Johnny. Adam Garcia is ready to fight tooth and nail to retain his title against Hate Watson, no matter the odds.

The camera captures the intense stare-down between Adam Garcia and Hate Watson inside the steel cage, the tension between champion and challenger reaching its peak.

Zac Brindle: It’s all about the P:V Heavyweight Championship tonight, folks. Adam Garcia versus Hate Watson inside a steel cage with barbed wire tables surrounding them. This is going to be an absolute war!

Johnny Kaos: Stay tuned, because this match promises to be one for the ages. The championship is on the line, and anything can happen in the Dance of the Damned!

The segment closes with the camera focusing on Adam Garcia and Hate Watson, both locked in a battle of wills inside the menacing steel cage, as the anticipation for their brutal encounter reaches its peak.

Main Event
P:V Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match
Adam Garcia (c) vs. Hate Watson


The Bojangles’ Coliseum reverberates with the aftermath of an intense steel cage match, the atmosphere charged with electricity and tension. Adam Garcia, the P:V Heavyweight Champion, stands victorious at the top of the entrance ramp, clutching his championship belt tightly. Hate Watson and the members of Hate Eternal seethe with frustration outside the ring, their plans of dominance thwarted by Garcia’s resilience.

Zac Brindle: What a match we’ve witnessed tonight, Johnny! Adam Garcia showing why he’s the champion, overcoming insurmountable odds against Hate Watson and Hate Eternal!

Johnny Kaos: Absolutely, Zac. Garcia pulled out all the stops to retain his title, escaping the cage by a hair’s breadth before Hate Eternal could close in on him.

As Hate Eternal glares daggers at Adam Garcia, the champion raises his title belt in defiance, a silent challenge to his adversaries.

Zac Brindle: Look at that, Johnny! Adam Garcia isn’t backing down. He’s ready to use that championship as a weapon if he has to!

Johnny Kaos: Garcia knows he’s outnumbered, but he’s not showing any fear. He’s standing tall, staring down Hate Eternal from the safety of the entrance ramp.

With Hate Watson at the forefront, Hate Eternal begins to cautiously prowl around the steel cage, the members eyeing Adam Garcia with intense hostility.

Zac Brindle: This is a standoff of epic proportions, folks! Adam Garcia versus Hate Eternal, with the P:V Heavyweight Championship hanging in the balance!

Johnny Kaos: Hate Eternal wanted to assert their dominance tonight, but Adam Garcia has shown them that he’s not to be underestimated. What a way to end the Dance of the Damned PPV!

The tension mounts as Hate Eternal takes slow, deliberate steps towards Adam Garcia, who stands firm, his gaze unwavering.

Zac Brindle: The champion is holding his ground, Johnny. He’s not letting Hate Eternal intimidate him after that hard-fought victory inside the steel cage!

Johnny Kaos: This is a defiant statement from Adam Garcia. He’s sending a clear message to Hate Watson and the rest of Hate Eternal that he’s still the top dog in P:V!

The broadcast cuts away with Adam Garcia and Hate Eternal locked in a tense stare-down, the crowd buzzing with anticipation and excitement.

Zac Brindle: What a night it’s been at Dance of the Damned! Thank you for joining us, folks. We’ll see you next time on Project:Violence!

The screen fades to black as the image of Adam Garcia holding the P:V Heavyweight Championship, poised for battle against Hate Eternal, lingers in the minds of the viewers, closing out a thrilling and unforgettable PPV event.

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