LdCE Revolución 5
Aztec Star Arena & Casino, Mexico City, Mexico
19th June 2024

[The Aztec Star Arena is ablaze with excitement as the stage is set for another thrilling edition of “LdCE Revolución.” The camera pans over the enthusiastic crowd, capturing their anticipation and energy.]

Carlos Ramirez: ¡Bienvenidos, amigos y amigas! Welcome back to the Aztec Star Arena for another night of high-flying, heart-pounding lucha libre action! I’m Carlos Ramirez, and alongside me is the ever-insightful Javier Morales.

Javier Morales: ¡Hola, fans de la lucha! We have an incredible night ahead of us, filled with electrifying matches and unforgettable moments. But there’s one match in particular that has everyone talking.

Carlos Ramirez: ¡Exactamente! Tonight’s main event promises to be a showdown for the ages as “The Aztec Titan” Alejandro Ramirez goes head-to-head with El Enigma in what is sure to be a battle of epic proportions.

Javier Morales: Both Alejandro Ramirez and El Enigma are renowned for their incredible skill and determination in the ring. This match has all the makings of a classic, and the fans are in for a treat.

Carlos Ramirez: But that’s not all, folks! We have a stacked card lined up tonight, featuring some of the biggest names in lucha libre. From high-flying aerial assaults to hard-hitting brawls, we’ve got it all!

Javier Morales: And let’s not forget about the ongoing saga between Espectro and the rest of the roster. After his controversial victory last week, tensions are running high, and anything could happen.

Carlos Ramirez: That’s right, Javier. The road to glory continues here in “LdCE Revolución 5,” and the fans are in for a wild ride. So grab your masks and get ready for an unforgettable night of lucha libre action!

[The camera cuts to the ring, where the stage is set for an electrifying evening. The crowd’s excitement reaches a fever pitch as the first match of the night is about to begin, kicking off another epic chapter in the saga of “Lucha de Cinco Estrellas.”]

Single Match
Aguilar vs. Chico

The Lucha Assassin

[The Aztec Star Arena is buzzing with excitement after an exhilarating opening match between Aguilar and newcomer Chico. Aguilar stands tall in the center of the ring, his hand raised in victory, while Chico lies on the mat, catching his breath. The crowd cheers for the impressive display of athleticism they just witnessed.]

Carlos Ramirez: What a match it was! Aguilar showing why he’s known as the Lucha Assassin with an impressive victory over Chico!

Javier Morales: Absolutely, Carlos. Aguilar’s skills are undeniable, but wait… What’s he doing now?

[As the referee tends to Chico, Aguilar’s expression suddenly turns sinister. He approaches Chico and, without warning, grabs him by the mask, eliciting gasps from the crowd. The arena falls into shocked silence as Aguilar begins to violently tug at Chico’s mask, intent on removing it.]

Carlos Ramirez: No, no, no! What is Aguilar doing? This is despicable!

Javier Morales: He’s trying to unmask Chico! That’s a blatant disrespect to the traditions of lucha libre!

[Aguilar’s actions draw boos from the crowd as he continues his assault, determined to expose Chico’s face to the world. Finally, with a forceful tug, Aguilar succeeds in ripping the mask off of Chico’s head. Chico covers his face in shame and humiliation as the crowd’s boos intensify.]

Carlos Ramirez: This is a disgrace, Javier! Aguilar has crossed a line tonight.

Javier Morales: Absolutely, Carlos. There’s no honor in what Aguilar has done here. Unmasking an opponent is one of the ultimate acts of disrespect in lucha libre.

[Aguilar stands over Chico’s prone form, holding the mask triumphantly in the air as if it were a trophy. The camera captures the shock and disbelief on the faces of the audience, who watch in horror at the desecration of lucha libre tradition.]

Carlos Ramirez: What a shocking turn of events to start the night, folks. Aguilar’s actions will not soon be forgotten.

Javier Morales: Indeed, Carlos. One has to wonder what kind of consequences Aguilar will face for his dishonorable actions here tonight.

[The camera fades out as the crowd continues to boo Aguilar’s reprehensible behavior, setting a tense tone for the rest of the evening.]

Single Match
Sol Dorado vs. Sombrio

Making a Statement

[Backstage at the Aztec Star Arena, Rosa Martinez stands with Alejandro Ramirez, known as “The Aztec Titan,” ahead of his highly anticipated main event match against El Enigma. Alejandro’s intensity is palpable as he prepares to address the camera.]

Rosa Martinez: Buenas noches, lucha fans. I’m here with Alejandro Ramirez, who is moments away from his main event match against El Enigma. Alejandro, tonight you go head-to-head with one of the most enigmatic and skilled competitors in lucha libre. What are your thoughts heading into this match?

Alejandro Ramirez: Gracias, Rosa. Tonight, I step into the ring with El Enigma, a competitor unlike any other. But I’ve faced challenges like this before, and I’m ready to prove why they call me “The Aztec Titan.” El Enigma may be elusive, but I’ll show him that there’s nowhere to hide in the ring with me.

Rosa Martinez: Last week, you confronted Espectro, the current Estrella Suprema Champion, after his main event victory. Can you shed some light on why you decided to confront him, and do you have any words for Espectro tonight?

Alejandro Ramirez: Espectro may hold the championship, but he does not hold the respect of the fans or the honor of lucha libre. His victory was tainted, and I couldn’t stand idly by and watch him tarnish everything we stand for. Tonight, I’ll focus on El Enigma, but make no mistake, Espectro, I’m coming for you and that title.

Rosa Martinez: Your determination is clear, Alejandro. What do you hope to achieve in tonight’s main event, and what message do you have for El Enigma?

Alejandro Ramirez: Tonight, I aim to show the world why I am one of the best luchadores in the business. El Enigma, you’re a formidable opponent, but tonight, you’ll learn firsthand what it means to face “The Aztec Titan.” And as for Espectro, he should know that his reign as champion will be short-lived. I’ll be watching closely, and when the time is right, I will take back what rightfully belongs to lucha libre.

Rosa Martinez: Strong words from Alejandro Ramirez. We wish you the best of luck in your match tonight. Back to you.

Alejandro Ramirez: Gracias, Rosa. Tonight, I make a statement, and nothing will stand in my way.

[As Alejandro walks away, his focus unwavering, Rosa watches him go with admiration. The camera fades out, leaving the audience eager for the main event showdown.]

Single Match
Relampago vs. Fuego Azteca

A Message for the Assassin

[Backstage at the Aztec Star Arena, Rosa Martinez stands with El Froggo, who is seething with anger after witnessing Aguilar’s shocking attack earlier in the evening. The tension is palpable as El Froggo prepares to speak his mind.]

Rosa Martinez: Buenas noches, lucha fans. I’m here with El Froggo, who just witnessed the despicable actions of Aguilar in the ring. El Froggo, can you tell us what’s going through your mind right now?

El Froggo: Rosa, what Aguilar did out there… it’s… it’s unforgivable. Attacking his opponent after the match and ripping off his mask… it’s an insult to everything lucha libre stands for!

Rosa Martinez: You seem understandably outraged, El Froggo. How do you think the locker room will respond to Aguilar’s actions?

El Froggo: How do I think we’ll respond? Rosa, we’re outraged! We’re furious! Masks are sacred in lucha libre, and what Aguilar did tonight was a direct attack on our culture, on our heritage!

Rosa Martinez: Do you have any words directly for Aguilar after what he did tonight?

El Froggo: Aguilar, listen up and listen good. You call yourself the Lucha Assassin, but tonight, you’ve shown that you’re nothing but a coward! Attacking your opponent after the match, disrespecting his mask… it makes me sick!

Rosa Martinez: Thank you for your passion, El Froggo. Let’s hope Aguilar hears your message loud and clear. Back to you.

El Froggo: Loud and clear, Rosa. And Aguilar, mark my words, you’ve made an enemy tonight. I won’t rest until justice is served!

[As El Froggo storms off, his rage evident, Rosa watches him go, knowing that the battle against Aguilar’s dishonorable actions is far from over. The camera fades out, leaving the audience with a sense of tension and anticipation for what’s to come.]

Single Match
Alejandro Ramirez vs. El Enigma

You Want the Belt?

[The Aztec Star Arena crackles with energy as the main event concludes, and Alejandro Ramirez, “The Aztec Titan,” stands tall in the center of the ring, his hand raised in victory. The crowd roars with approval, showing their appreciation for Ramirez’s hard-fought win.]

Carlos Ramirez: What a match it was, Javier! Alejandro Ramirez once again proving why he’s one of the most dominant forces in lucha libre!

Javier Morales: Absolutely, Carlos. But wait, what’s happening?

[Suddenly, the arena plunges into darkness, and a hush falls over the crowd as they watch with bated breath. The unmistakable sound of footsteps echoes through the arena, and out of the darkness emerges Espectro, the Estrella Suprema Champion, holding his title belt menacingly.]

Carlos Ramirez: It’s Espectro! What’s he doing here?

Javier Morales: This can’t be good, Carlos. Espectro looks like he means business.

[As Alejandro Ramirez celebrates in the ring, completely unaware of the danger looming behind him, Espectro slides into the ring with stealth. With a viciousness that shocks everyone in the arena, Espectro strikes Alejandro in the back of the head with the championship belt!]


Carlos Ramirez: Oh my God! Espectro just blindsided Alejandro with the title belt!

Javier Morales: This is an absolute disgrace, Carlos! Espectro has attacked Alejandro from behind, showing no respect whatsoever!

[The crowd erupts into boos and jeers as Espectro stands over the fallen Alejandro, a sinister grin on his face. The referee rushes into the ring, trying to intervene, but Espectro merely shoves him aside, asserting his dominance.]

Carlos Ramirez: This is despicable, Javier! Espectro is a coward for attacking Alejandro like this!

Javier Morales: Alejandro is defenseless against this ambush, Carlos. Espectro has shown his true colors tonight.

[Espectro holds the championship belt high above his head, basking in the chorus of boos from the crowd. Alejandro struggles to get to his feet, shaken but determined.]

Carlos Ramirez: Wait! Alejandro is getting back up!

Javier Morales: He may be down, but he’s not out, Carlos! Alejandro Ramirez is a fighter through and through!

[Alejandro, fueled by sheer determination, rises to his feet, glaring daggers at Espectro. The two lock eyes in a tense standoff as the arena pulses with anticipation.]

Carlos Ramirez: The tension between these two is palpable, Javier. It looks like this rivalry is far from over!

Javier Morales: You’re right, Carlos. Espectro may have struck first tonight, but Alejandro Ramirez won’t rest until he gets his revenge!

[The camera captures the intense staredown between Alejandro and Espectro as the show fades to black, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this heated rivalry.]

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