DW Clash 35
The Stratford Arena, London, England
8th July 2024

The camera pans over the electric crowd at the Stratford Arena in East London. Fans are on their feet, holding up signs and cheering loudly as the lights dance around the arena. The iconic DW Clash theme music blares through the speakers, setting the tone for an action-packed night.

Steve Pringle: (voiceover) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to DW Clash 35, live from the Stratford Arena in East London! I’m Steve Pringle, and alongside me is my broadcast partner, Eddie Bates.

Eddie Bates: (voiceover) That’s right, Steve! We’ve got an incredible show lined up for you tonight, with a main event that promises to be nothing short of explosive. Kyle McRae of British Hospitality will go one-on-one with the ferocious ‘Viking’ Bjorn Asulf, and you can bet DW Heavyweight Champion Cedric Thornfield will be watching closely!

The camera shifts to the commentator’s table where Steve Pringle and Eddie Bates sit, both looking eager and excited for the night’s events.

Steve Pringle: Eddie, after the shocking attack by Bjorn Asulf on Cedric Thornfield last week, tensions are higher than ever. The Viking made it clear that he’s gunning for that DW Heavyweight Championship.

Eddie Bates: Absolutely, Steve. Thornfield has his work cut out for him with Asulf breathing down his neck. But tonight, Asulf will have to get past Kyle McRae, who’s no pushover himself. And let’s not forget, McRae has his own scores to settle after being attacked by Angelo Anderson recently.

The camera cuts to highlights from last week’s show, showcasing the brutal attack by Bjorn Asulf on Cedric Thornfield and the chaos that ensued. The screen then transitions to a backstage shot of Kyle McRae lacing up his boots, looking focused and determined.

Steve Pringle: There you see Kyle McRae, getting ready for what could be one of the biggest matches of his career. A victory over Asulf tonight would certainly shake up the championship picture.

Eddie Bates: No doubt about it, Steve. McRae is a proud member of British Hospitality, and he’ll be looking to prove that they deserve a shot at the top. But Asulf is on a warpath, and he won’t be easy to stop.

The camera returns to the arena, where the crowd is still buzzing with anticipation. The ring is being prepared for the opening match of the night, with the announcer standing by.

Steve Pringle: Folks, we are just moments away from kicking off another thrilling edition of DW Clash. Stay tuned, because tonight is going to be a night to remember!

Eddie Bates: And remember, if you’re not already following us on social media, make sure you do so to stay up-to-date with all things DW. Now, let’s get this show on the road!

The camera cuts to the ring as the first match is about to begin, and the crowd erupts in cheers once more, signaling the start of DW Clash 35.

Single Match
Liam O’Donovan vs. Leo Lewis

Five Star Potential

The scene opens inside the office of DW General Manager Matt Anarchy. The room is decorated with various wrestling memorabilia and championship belts hanging on the walls. Matt Anarchy is seated behind his desk, reviewing some documents. Suddenly, the door bursts open, and the DW UK Champion, ‘the Essex Pretty Boy’ Oliver Harrington, storms in with an exasperated look on his face.

Oliver Harrington: (frustrated) Anarchy, this is ridiculous! You can’t seriously be considering booking me against that newcomer, Jonathan Sullivan, at Original Sinners! He’s unproven! He hasn’t earned it!

Matt Anarchy looks up from his papers, calmly regarding Harrington’s outburst.

Matt Anarchy: (calmly) Harrington, Sullivan has been impressive since his debut. The fans want to see fresh talent, and Sullivan has shown he’s got what it takes. If he wins again next week, he’s earned his shot.

Oliver Harrington: (angrily) This is a joke! I’m the UK Champion! I shouldn’t have to deal with these rookies. He hasn’t paid his dues like I have!

Anarchy stands up from his desk, his expression stern.

Matt Anarchy: (firmly) Look, Harrington, I get it. You’re the champion, and you want to protect your spot. But this is about giving the fans the best matches possible. If Sullivan wins next week, the match at Original Sinners is happening. End of discussion.

Harrington glares at Anarchy, his frustration palpable.

Oliver Harrington: (through gritted teeth) Fine. But don’t expect me to be happy about it.

Harrington spins on his heel and storms out of the office, slamming the door behind him. Anarchy watches him go, shaking his head slightly before sitting back down and returning to his work.

The camera follows Harrington as he storms down the hallway, muttering angrily to himself.

Oliver Harrington: (to himself) This is unbelievable. I’ll show them. I’ll show all of them who the real champion is!

The scene fades out as Harrington continues to fume, setting the stage for the tension-filled weeks leading up to Original Sinners.

Single Match
Riley Smith vs. Union Jack

First Steps

The scene opens inside the locker room of the French faction known as Legion. The room is adorned with French flags and memorabilia, creating a patriotic ambiance. Jean Louis Duval, a former DW Heavyweight Champion, stands confidently in front of Royce Lacroix and HyperNova, who are seated on a bench, lacing up their boots. The three men converse in French, their tone serious and focused.

Jean Louis Duval: (in French) Mes amis, j’ai réussi à obtenir un match sans titre contre les champions par équipe, The Sovereign. Ben Noble et Kandi Sparks. C’est une opportunité en or.

Lacroix and HyperNova exchange glances, their interest piqued.

Royce Lacroix: (in French) Vraiment, Jean? C’est incroyable. Une victoire contre eux nous assurera un match pour le titre, non?

Jean Louis Duval: (in French) Exactement, Royce. Si vous gagnez ce match, il n’y a aucun doute que nous aurons une chance pour les ceintures de championnat. Mais écoutez-moi bien…

Duval steps closer, his expression stern and commanding.

Jean Louis Duval: (in French) Vous ne pouvez pas vous permettre de gâcher cette opportunité. C’est notre moment de briller, de montrer à tout le monde que la Legion est la force dominante ici. Vous devez être impitoyables, précis, et sans merci.

HyperNova looks slightly uncertain, but Lacroix places a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

HyperNova: (in French) Nous ne les décevrons pas, Jean. Nous savons ce qui est en jeu.

Royce Lacroix: (in French) HyperNova a raison. Nous sommes prêts. Nous montrerons à ces soi-disant champions ce que c’est que de faire face à la Legion.

Duval nods approvingly, his confidence in his teammates evident.

Jean Louis Duval: (in French) Très bien. Rappelez-vous, chaque mouvement compte. Soyez intelligents, utilisez votre force et votre vitesse. Faites en sorte que ce soit un message clair pour tout le monde ici à DW.

Lacroix and HyperNova stand up, determination etched on their faces. Duval claps them on the back, a final gesture of encouragement.

Jean Louis Duval: (in French) Allons-y. Faisons en sorte que la France soit fière.

The three men exit the locker room, the camera lingering on the door adorned with the Legion’s emblem, symbolizing their unity and ambition. The scene fades out as they make their way towards the ring, ready to seize their opportunity.

Single Match
Emily Shaw vs. Maxwell Blackwell


The scene opens in the backstage interview area where William Smith stands with a microphone in hand. Next to him is Kyle McRae, a member of British Hospitality, looking focused and ready for his main event match against ‘the Viking’ Bjorn Asulf.

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Kyle McRae. Kyle, tonight you face ‘the Viking’ Bjorn Asulf in the main event. With Cedric Thornfield surely watching closely, how are you feeling going into this match?

Kyle McRae: Thanks, William. You know, I’m feeling ready. Asulf is tough, no doubt, but I’ve faced tough guys before. Tonight, it’s about proving that British Hospitality is here to stay and we’re not backing down from any challenge.

Suddenly, there is a loud commotion and shouting coming from down the corridor. Both men turn their heads, trying to make sense of the noise. Kyle’s expression changes to concern as the sounds of a struggle become more apparent.

William Smith: What’s going on over there?

Kyle McRae: I don’t know, but I’m gonna find out.

Kyle McRae rushes off, the camera following closely behind. As he rounds the corner, he finds his British Hospitality teammates, Alexander Hate and Harry Black, lying on the floor, writhing in pain. Standing over them with a steel chair in hand is Angelo Anderson, a sinister smile on his face. The chair is dented, evidence of the brutal attack.

Kyle McRae: (shouting) Anderson, what the hell do you think you’re doing?!

Anderson drops the chair with a loud clang and takes a step back, hands raised mockingly in surrender.

Angelo Anderson: Oh, just making sure you’re nice and distracted for your match tonight. Can’t have you getting too confident now, can we?

Kyle McRae kneels down to check on his teammates, his face a mix of anger and concern. He looks up at Anderson, his eyes blazing with fury.

Kyle McRae: You’re gonna pay for this, Anderson. I swear it.

Angelo Anderson: We’ll see about that, McRae. Good luck tonight. You’re gonna need it.

Anderson walks away, leaving McRae with his fallen teammates. The camera captures the tense atmosphere and the determination on McRae’s face as he tends to Alexander Hate and Harry Black, before the scene fades to black, signaling the intense rivalry brewing backstage.

Tag Team Match
Legion vs. The Sovereign

Setting the Stage

The arena is electric as the bell rings, signaling the end of the match. Legion (Royce Lacroix and HyperNova) have just scored a stunning victory over the DW Tag Team Champions, The Sovereign (Ben Noble & Kandi Sparks). The crowd boos loudly, expressing their displeasure as Legion celebrates their triumph in the ring.

Steve Pringle: I can’t believe it! Legion has just defeated the Tag Team Champions!

Eddie Bates: What an upset, Steve! This is huge for Legion!

Jean Louis Duval, standing on the outside, claps proudly for his comrades. Lacroix and HyperNova raise their arms in victory, soaking in the moment despite the jeers from the crowd.

Steve Pringle: The fans may not like it, but you have to respect what Legion just accomplished here tonight.

Eddie Bates: This win surely puts them in line for a title shot in the near future!

Suddenly, the atmosphere shifts as the unmistakable theme music of The Ultras (Axel Schmidt & Jürgen Köhler) blares through the speakers. The crowd’s boos grow even louder as the German duo storms down to the ring, eyes locked on their targets.

Steve Pringle: Oh no, here come The Ultras!

Eddie Bates: This can’t be good. The Ultras have been making a statement since their debut, and it looks like they’re about to make another one!

The Ultras slide into the ring, wasting no time in attacking both Legion and The Sovereign. The chaos erupts as Schmidt and Köhler lay waste to everyone in sight. Ben Noble and Kandi Sparks are the first to fall, taken down by brutal strikes and double-team maneuvers.

Royce Lacroix tries to fight back but is quickly overpowered and driven into the mat by a devastating double powerbomb. HyperNova attempts to escape but is caught by Schmidt, who slams him to the canvas with a thunderous spinebuster.

Outside the ring, Jean Louis Duval watches in shock, unable to intervene as his teammates are decimated.

Steve Pringle: This is absolute carnage! The Ultras are destroying both teams!

Eddie Bates: Duval looks like he’s seen a ghost! He can’t believe what’s happening!

With both teams laid out in the ring, The Ultras stand tall, surveying the damage they’ve caused. Schmidt grabs a microphone, breathing heavily from the intensity of the assault.

Axel Schmidt: (in German, with subtitles on the screen) This is just the beginning! We are here to dominate, and no one is safe!

Jürgen Köhler: (in German, with subtitles on the screen) The Ultras will take what we want, and what we want are those Tag Team Championships!

The crowd boos even louder, throwing trash into the ring as The Ultras revel in their destruction. Jean Louis Duval, still on the outside, looks furious but helpless as The Ultras make their exit, leaving a trail of devastation behind them.

Steve Pringle: The Ultras have sent a clear message tonight. They’re not here to play games!

Eddie Bates: If I were The Sovereign or Legion, I’d be looking over my shoulder from now on. The Ultras mean business!

As the scene goes off the air, the camera focuses on the wreckage in the ring, with The Sovereign and Legion struggling to recover. The final shot is of The Ultras standing at the top of the ramp, raising their arms triumphantly as the crowd continues to boo, signaling the beginning of a new era of dominance in DW.

Legends Never Die

The camera cuts to the backstage area where William Smith stands with a microphone in hand. Beside him, towering and enigmatic, is the DW Heavyweight Champion, “The Raven King” Cedric Thornfield. Thornfield, dressed in his signature dark, regal attire, has his championship belt draped over his shoulder. His expression is serious and intense.

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the reigning DW Heavyweight Champion, “The Raven King” Cedric Thornfield. Cedric, just four weeks from now at the Original Sinners PPV, you’re scheduled to defend your title against Bjorn Asulf. The question on everyone’s mind is: will you be fit to compete?

Thornfield’s eyes narrow as he turns to face Smith, his demeanor exuding confidence and determination.

Cedric Thornfield: (firmly) William, let me make one thing abundantly clear. No doctor in this world, no injury, no obstacle will stop me from stepping into that ring at Original Sinners.

Thornfield pauses, his gaze piercing through the camera as he addresses the fans and his challenger.

Cedric Thornfield: Bjorn Asulf may think he’s on a warpath, that he’s the unstoppable force destined to dethrone me. But he’s about to learn a very harsh lesson. You see, I didn’t become the Raven King by bowing to adversity. I became the Raven King by conquering it.

He adjusts the championship belt on his shoulder, emphasizing its significance.

Cedric Thornfield: This title represents not just my dominance, but my resilience, my unyielding will. Bjorn Asulf, you believe you can tear me down? You think you can take what’s mine? In four weeks, I will show you why I am the Raven King. I will show you the price of your arrogance and the power of true supremacy.

Smith nods, clearly affected by Thornfield’s intensity.

William Smith: Strong words from the champion. Cedric, any final thoughts for Bjorn Asulf as we head towards Original Sinners?

Thornfield leans in closer to the microphone, his voice lowering but losing none of its conviction.

Cedric Thornfield: Bjorn, prepare yourself. At Original Sinners, you won’t just face a man. You’ll face a legend. And legends… never die.

With that, Thornfield turns and walks away, leaving William Smith and the viewers with a sense of awe and anticipation for the upcoming showdown. The camera lingers on the champion’s retreating form before fading out.

William Smith: There you have it, folks. The Raven King is ready to defend his throne. Back to you, Steve and Eddie.

The scene cuts back to the commentators, who are visibly impressed by Thornfield’s declaration.

Single Match
Bjorn Asulf vs. Kyle McRae

One Goal

The Stratford Arena is electric with excitement after an intense main event. “The Viking” Bjorn Asulf stands tall in the ring, having just defeated Kyle McRae in a hard-fought battle. The crowd is a mix of cheers for the spectacular match and boos for Bjorn’s ruthless demeanor. The Viking motions to his waist, signaling that he will become the next DW Heavyweight Champion. The fans react with a mixture of anticipation and disapproval.

As Kyle McRae struggles to his feet, the arena’s atmosphere shifts. Angelo Anderson’s music hits, and the crowd erupts in a chorus of boos. Anderson makes his way down the ramp with a furious look on his face, still seething over his perceived betrayal by McRae in the triple threat match a few weeks ago.

Steve Pringle: Oh no, here comes Angelo Anderson! This doesn’t look good for Kyle McRae!

Eddie Bates: Anderson blames McRae for costing him a shot at the DW Heavyweight Championship, and it looks like he’s here to make him pay!

Anderson slides into the ring and immediately targets McRae, delivering a vicious stomp to his back. The crowd’s boos grow louder as Anderson pulls McRae to his feet and delivers a series of brutal punches, driving him into the corner.

Bjorn Asulf watches the assault with a cold, indifferent expression, making no move to help McRae or stop Anderson. He stands in the center of the ring, focused solely on his quest for the DW Heavyweight Championship.

Steve Pringle: Bjorn Asulf is just standing there! He has no intention of helping Kyle McRae!

Eddie Bates: Why would he, Steve? Bjorn has his own battles to fight, and right now, Angelo Anderson is making a statement!

Anderson continues his relentless attack, hitting McRae with a devastating spinebuster. The crowd’s boos reach a fever pitch as Anderson stands over the fallen McRae, shouting down at him.

Angelo Anderson: This is your fault, McRae! You cost me my shot, and now you pay the price!

Anderson lifts McRae and sets him up for his finishing move, the Unbreakable Slam. He executes it perfectly, leaving McRae motionless on the mat. Anderson stands tall, glaring at Bjorn Asulf, who remains unmoved and unbothered by the chaos around him.

Steve Pringle: This is despicable! Angelo Anderson is taking out all his frustration on Kyle McRae, and Bjorn Asulf doesn’t seem to care!

Eddie Bates: Anderson is sending a message to everyone, including Bjorn. He wants that DW Heavyweight Championship, and he’s willing to go through anyone to get it!

As Anderson stands over McRae, the camera pans to Bjorn Asulf, who raises his arms in victory, his eyes fixed on the championship belt. The crowd continues to boo loudly, showing their disdain for both Anderson’s actions and Bjorn’s indifference.

The show fades to black with the image of Angelo Anderson standing over Kyle McRae and Bjorn Asulf motioning for the title, leaving the audience in suspense about the chaos that will surely unfold in the coming weeks.

Steve Pringle: What a chaotic ending to DW Clash! We’ll see you next week, folks!

Eddie Bates: Goodnight from the Stratford Arena!

The DW logo appears on the screen as the broadcast ends, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this intense saga.

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