DW Clash 34
The Stratford Arena, London, England
1st July 2024

[The camera pans over the lively crowd in the Stratford Arena, with fans holding up signs and cheering. The energy is electric as the opening music for DW Clash 34 hits.]

Steve Pringle: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to DW Clash 34, live from the Stratford Arena in London! I’m Steve Pringle, alongside my partner, Eddie Bates, and we have an action-packed night ahead!

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! Tonight, we’ve got British Hospitality taking on The Ultras in what promises to be a hard-hitting tag team match. These two teams have been at each other’s throats, and it’s going to be explosive!

Steve Pringle: And let’s not forget our main event, where the DW Heavyweight Champion, the Raven King Cedric Thornfield, will face ‘the Mirage’ Maxwell Blackwell in a non-title match. Thornfield is on a roll, but Blackwell is always a wildcard!

Eddie Bates: With the Original Sinners PPV just around the corner, everyone is looking to make a statement tonight. We’ve got rivalries heating up and new contenders emerging!

Steve Pringle: Stay tuned, because DW Clash 34 is just getting started, and it’s going to be an unforgettable night of wrestling action!

[The camera cuts to the ring as the first match gets underway.]

Single Match
Jonathan Sullivan vs. Riley Smith

Still A Rookie

The camera cuts to the backstage area where William Smith is standing by with the DW UK Champion, ‘the Essex Pretty Boy’ Oliver Harrington. Harrington looks irritated, his championship belt draped over his shoulder.

William Smith: Oliver, you’ve expressed frustration about not having an opponent lined up for the Original Sinners PPV. What are your thoughts on the current situation?

Oliver Harrington: Huffs You know, William, it’s beyond me why Matt Anarchy hasn’t found someone worthy of stepping into the ring with the Essex Pretty Boy. I’ve proven time and again that I’m the cream of the crop in DW, and yet here we are, with no challenger in sight.

William Smith: And what about Jonathan Sullivan? He seemed rather pleased with himself after his match tonight. Any thoughts on him possibly stepping up to challenge you?

Oliver Harrington: Scoffs Jonathan Sullivan? Please. He might have had a good night against Riley Smith, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. He’s still a rookie around here. If he thinks he can just waltz into DW and challenge for my championship, he’s got another thing coming.

William Smith: So, what’s next for the Essex Pretty Boy?

Oliver Harrington: What’s next is for Anarchy to stop dilly-dallying and get serious about finding a real contender. Because until then, I’ll just have to keep reminding everyone why I’m the best damn UK Champion this company has ever seen.

As Harrington finishes, Sullivan walks past with a smirk, catching Harrington’s eye. Harrington glares back, clearly unimpressed.

Tag Team Match
British Hospitality vs. The Ultras


The camera fades in to show Jean Louis Duval standing in the center of the locker room, clad in his wrestling gear. Royce Lacroix and HyperNova, both in their wrestling attire, are seen nearby, quietly preparing as well.

Jean Louis Duval: (speaking confidently in French) Mes amis, tonight is not just any night. It is a night for the French to shine. Royce, HyperNova, we will show them what true French wrestling mastery looks like. Tonight, I will put on a masterclass for everyone to witness.

Royce Lacroix: (nodding in agreement) Oui, Jean. We are with you all the way.

HyperNova: (looking determined) I’m ready to make an impact tonight.

Jean Louis Duval: (smirking) Bon. Remember, we represent France. Let’s go out there and make our mark!

As they finish their preparations, the camera pans out, fading to the next scene as they head towards the entrance area for their respective matches.

Single Match
Jean Louis Duval vs. Leo Lewis

Blame Game

The camera fades in to show Angelo Anderson pacing back and forth in his locker room, visibly agitated. Kyle McRae enters the room, oblivious to Anderson’s presence. Anderson, seething with anger, confronts McRae.

Angelo Anderson: (with intensity) You cost me my chance last week, McRae. I should be the one going after Thornfield’s title, not you!

Kyle McRae: (taken aback) What are you talking about, Anderson? It was a triple threat match. I was just trying to win like everyone else.

Angelo Anderson: (getting in McRae’s face) Don’t play dumb with me. You screwed everything up! Now I’m not even in the title picture.

Before McRae can respond, Anderson shoves him against the locker room wall and starts throwing punches. Security rushes in to break up the brawl as McRae tries to defend himself. Anderson is pulled away, still shouting insults at McRae as he’s restrained.

Security Guard: (trying to calm Anderson down) That’s enough, Anderson! Save it for the ring!

The camera fades out as Anderson continues to yell threats, while McRae regains his composure, clearly shaken by the unexpected attack.

Single Match
Stijn De Raaf vs. Union Jack

Ready for the Raven King

The camera cuts to William Smith standing by in the backstage interview area with a focused Maxwell Blackwell. Blackwell is adjusting his wrist tape, clearly preparing himself mentally for his upcoming match against DW Heavyweight Champion Cedric Thornfield.

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with ‘the Mirage’ Maxwell Blackwell, who is moments away from facing DW Heavyweight Champion Cedric Thornfield in a non-title match. Maxwell, what are your thoughts heading into this high-stakes matchup?

Maxwell Blackwell: (smirking confidently) William, tonight is about proving a point. Thornfield may hold the gold, but he hasn’t faced anyone like me before. I’m not here to just compete; I’m here to win and show everyone why I’m one of the top contenders in DW.

William Smith: Thornfield has been dominant as champion. How do you plan to approach this match against such a formidable opponent?

Maxwell Blackwell: Cedric Thornfield may have the experience and the title, but I’ve got the hunger and the skill. I’m not intimidated by his reputation or his championship status. Tonight, I’m going to expose any weaknesses he has and make a statement that Maxwell Blackwell is a force to be reckoned with in DW.

William Smith: And what would a victory over Thornfield mean for your career here in DW?

Maxwell Blackwell: It means everything, William. Beating Thornfield tonight isn’t just about getting a win; it’s about setting myself up for a shot at that DW Heavyweight Championship. After tonight, everyone will know that ‘the Mirage’ Maxwell Blackwell is ready for the spotlight.

William Smith: There you have it, folks. Maxwell Blackwell gearing up for a showdown with Cedric Thornfield. Back to you.

The camera fades out as Blackwell nods confidently, mentally preparing himself to face the reigning champion in what promises to be a pivotal match-up.

Single Match
Cedric Thornfield vs. Maxwell Blackwell

Clipping the Ravens Wings

The arena buzzes with energy as Cedric Thornfield, DW Heavyweight Champion, stands victorious in the center of the ring, the title belt gleaming over his shoulder. Thornfield raises the championship high above his head, basking in the adulation of the crowd after a hard-fought victory against Maxwell Blackwell.

Steve Pringle: (commentator) What a display of dominance from Cedric Thornfield tonight, Eddie! He’s showing why he’s the reigning DW Heavyweight Champion.

Eddie Bates: (commentator) Absolutely, Steve. Thornfield proved once again why he’s at the top of the mountain here in DW.

Suddenly, the mood shifts as the arena lights flicker, and the crowd murmurs in confusion. The camera pans to the entrance ramp where Bjorn Asulf, the fierce Viking warrior, storms down to the ring with purpose in his eyes. Asulf slides into the ring and charges at Thornfield from behind, catching the champion off guard!

Steve Pringle: Oh my! Bjorn Asulf with a brutal assault on Cedric Thornfield!

Asulf unleashes a barrage of strikes, pummeling Thornfield with ruthless intensity. The champion tries to fight back, but Asulf’s relentless aggression overwhelms him. Asulf grabs the DW Heavyweight Championship belt from the mat and holds it aloft, glaring down at Thornfield who lies helpless in the ring.

Eddie Bates: Bjorn Asulf is making a statement here tonight, Steve! He’s not waiting any longer to stake his claim for that championship!

Security personnel rush down the ramp to intervene, but Asulf stands tall, defiantly holding the title high above his head as the cameras capture the chaotic scene. The crowd’s cheers turn to a mix of astonishment and boos as DW Clash 34 fades to black, leaving a trail of anticipation for the upcoming showdown between Cedric Thornfield and Bjorn Asulf.

Steve Pringle: What a way to end tonight’s Clash, folks! Cedric Thornfield’s reign may be in serious jeopardy with Bjorn Asulf on the warpath!

Eddie Bates: Indeed, Steve. Asulf has sent a clear message to the champion and the entire DW roster tonight. This rivalry is far from over!

The scene fades out with Asulf standing tall over the fallen champion, setting the stage for their impending clash at the next DW event.

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