DW Clash 31
The Stratford Arena, London, England
10th June 2024

[The DW logo flashes across the screen as the Stratford Arena comes to life in East London. The camera pans over the excited crowd as the energy builds for another electrifying episode of DW Clash. The scene transitions to the commentary booth where Steve Pringle and Eddie Bates are ready to call the action.]

Steve Pringle: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another thrilling edition of DW Clash, coming to you live from the heart of East London! I’m Steve Pringle alongside my partner Eddie Bates, and tonight promises to be an absolute barnburner!

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! We’ve got a stacked card lined up for you tonight, featuring some of the biggest names in DW. And our main event is sure to be a doozy, with the DW Heavyweight Champion Cedric Thornfield going one-on-one with Ben Noble of the Tag Team Champions!

Steve Pringle: Absolutely, Eddie! But let’s not forget about our other marquee matchup tonight, as the Viking himself, Bjorn Asulf, steps into the ring to take on Kyle McRae of British Hospitality! It’s sure to be a clash of titans!

Eddie Bates: And let’s not overlook the rest of tonight’s action, Steve. We’ve got plenty of excitement in store, including tag team matches, singles bouts, and more!

Steve Pringle: That’s right, Eddie. So without further ado, let’s get this show started! DW Clash 31 is about to kick off, and you won’t want to miss a single moment of the action!

[The camera cuts to the arena, where the crowd erupts in cheers, signaling the beginning of another thrilling night of DW wrestling. The stage is set, and the anticipation is palpable as Clash 31 gets underway!]

Tag Team Match
The Ultras vs. Leo Lewis & Union Jack

Die Ultras

[The camera focuses on the ring as Axel Schmidt and Jürgen Köhler, collectively known as ‘The Ultras,’ stand tall after their victory against Leo Lewis & Union Jack. The crowd gives a mixed reaction, unsure of what to make of these newcomers. Schmidt grabs a microphone as Köhler keeps a watchful eye on the surroundings.]

Axel Schmidt: [Speaking in German] Aufmerksamkeit, DW! Wir sind Die Ultras, und wir sind hier, um zu dominieren!

[The crowd responds with a mix of cheers and boos, intrigued by the intensity of the German duo. Schmidt continues, switching to English.]

Axel Schmidt: British Hospitality, you claim to be the top dogs around here? You think you’re untouchable? Well, we’re here to prove otherwise!

[Köhler nods in agreement as Schmidt hands him the microphone, and Köhler speaks in German, gesturing towards the entrance ramp.]

Jürgen Köhler: [In German] Wir fordern dich heraus, Alexander Hate und Harry Black! Kommt heraus und stellt euch dem Kampf!

[The crowd reacts with anticipation as the music of British Hospitality hits, and Alexander Hate & Harry Black emerge from the backstage area, ready for a fight. The two teams meet in the ring, exchanging heated words in German before the tension boils over into a wild brawl.]

[Security rushes down to the ring, desperately trying to separate the two teams as chaos ensues. The Ultras and British Hospitality trade blows around ringside, with referees struggling to maintain order. Eventually, the security manages to separate them, but the animosity between the two teams is palpable as the segment comes to an end.]

Single Match
Maxwell Blackwell vs. Jean Louis Duval

No Where to Hide

[Backstage, William Smith is seen standing by with ‘the Viking’ Bjorn Asulf, who looks focused and determined.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with ‘the Viking’ Bjorn Asulf, who is moments away from his match against Kyle McRae. Bjorn, what are your thoughts going into this match?

Bjorn Asulf: Kyle McRae… he’s just another stepping stone on my path to greatness. Cedric Thornfield may be the DW Heavyweight Champion now, but soon enough, there will be no escaping me. McRae, Thornfield, anyone who stands in my way will fall before the might of the Viking!

[Asulf’s intensity is evident as he stares directly into the camera, his words echoing with determination.]

William Smith: Strong words from ‘the Viking’ indeed. Back to you, Steve and Eddie.

[The camera cuts back to the arena as the fans await the upcoming match, buzzing with anticipation for the clash between Asulf and McRae.]

Single Match
Stijn de Raaf vs. HyperNova


[Backstage, HyperNova is seen walking down the hallway, still catching his breath after his victory over Stijn De Raaf. He looks determined, his confidence evident after his successful debut.]

[Suddenly, he encounters Jean Louis Duval and Royce Lacroix, who stop him in his tracks.]

Jean Louis Duval: HyperNova, isn’t it? Impressive debut out there. You’ve got some skills.

[HyperNova nods, a hint of uncertainty in his expression as he responds in French.]

HyperNova: Merci, Monsieur Duval. I appreciate the compliment.

Royce Lacroix: You should listen to him. We could use someone like you on our team.

[HyperNova’s expression shifts, his curiosity piqued but still guarded.]

HyperNova: I’ll… consider it.

[Duval and Lacroix exchange a knowing glance before nodding at HyperNova, who continues on his way, contemplating the offer.]

[As HyperNova disappears down the hallway, Duval and Lacroix share a smirk, clearly plotting something.]

Single Match
Bjorn Asulf vs. Kyle McRae

Making Waves

[Backstage, DW Heavyweight Champion Cedric Thornfield stands tall, the championship belt draped over his shoulder, as William Smith approaches for an interview.]

William Smith: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here with the reigning DW Heavyweight Champion, ‘the Raven King’ Cedric Thornfield. Cedric, moments ago, Bjorn Asulf secured a victory over Kyle McRae. What are your thoughts on Asulf’s performance?

Cedric Thornfield: smirks Bjorn Asulf… he’s certainly making waves, isn’t he? But let’s not forget, William, that in the end, it’s not about how you start, it’s about how you finish. Asulf may have won tonight, but he’s got a long way to go if he wants to step in the ring with me.

William Smith: Speaking of the ring, your match against Ben Noble is up next. What’s your strategy going into this match?

Cedric Thornfield: Ben Noble… a formidable opponent, no doubt. But tonight, he’s stepping into the ring with the reigning, defending, undisputed DW Heavyweight Champion. My strategy? Simple. I’m going to show Ben Noble why I’m the king of this ring. And when the dust settles, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind who the true champion is.

[Thornfield flashes a confident grin as he adjusts the championship belt, ready to make his way to the ring.]

William Smith: Strong words from the champion! Back to you, folks.

[As Thornfield walks away, the anticipation for the upcoming match between Thornfield and Ben Noble builds among the fans.]

Single Match
Cedric Thornfield vs. Ben Noble

The Raven King

[In the ring, the crowd erupts as ‘the Raven King’ Cedric Thornfield stands tall, victorious after a hard-fought battle against Ben Noble. The DW Heavyweight Championship glistens in his hand as he raises it high above his head.]

Steve Pringle: What a night it’s been here at DW Clash 31, and what a way to end it!

Eddie Bates: Absolutely, Steve! Cedric Thornfield proving once again why he’s the top dog in DW!

[Cedric Thornfield basks in the adulation of the crowd, his gaze unwavering, his confidence palpable.]

Steve Pringle: Cedric Thornfield sending a clear message to the locker room that he’s ready to take on all challengers!

Eddie Bates: That’s right, Steve! Thornfield may have won tonight, but you can bet there are plenty of hungry competitors waiting for their shot at the title!

[Suddenly, the arena lights flicker and then dim as Thornfield continues his celebration. The anticipation builds as the fans wonder what’s happening.]

Steve Pringle: Wait a minute, what’s going on here?

Eddie Bates: I’m not sure, Steve, but it looks like we’re in for a surprise!

[The titantron lights up, and the unmistakable silhouette of Bjorn Asulf appears on the screen. The crowd roars with excitement as they recognize the Viking.]

Bjorn Asulf: Cedric Thornfield! You may have won tonight, but remember this… the Viking is coming for you. And when I do, there will be nowhere for you to hide!

[The crowd erupts into cheers as Thornfield smirks, clearly relishing the challenge ahead.]

Steve Pringle: Looks like we’ve got ourselves a showdown brewing, Eddie!

Eddie Bates: You said it, Steve! DW Clash 31 has set the stage for an epic battle between Cedric Thornfield and Bjorn Asulf!

[As Thornfield holds his championship high, the camera fades out, leaving the fans buzzing with excitement for the future of DW.]

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